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Updated by Lliwiol . on Nov 16, 2013
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The great Tesco mobile Twitter conversation

On the 10th of November Tesco Mobile started a hilarious conversation on Twitter. The accounts of Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury's, Yorkshire Tea and Phileas Fogg also joined the conversation.

This Is The Best Twitter Conversation You Will Read Today

It starts as a chat between a mobile operator and a customer, and then it just gets weirder and weirder. ..

In 2013 brands want to be your mate on Twitter

As proven by Tesco Mobile and Jaffa Cakes' mutual bantergeddon on Twitter, dutifully described as 'the best conversation ever' by Buzzfeed today, the future of brands' social media is to tell you how 'cray cray' their products and services are. There was a time when every word issued by a company was robotic, carefully calculated and largely unhelpful.

Tesco Mobile enters hilarious debate with Jaffa Cakes, Yorkshire Tea on Twitter

Tesco Mobile enters hilarious debate with Jaffa Cakes, Yorkshire Tea on Twitter, Tesco Mobile has taken a conversational approach to its Twitter feed to a new level with this hilarious debate involving brands such as Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes and Cadbury. | Marketing Magazine

The Twitter Conversation You Need To Read

A conversation between mobile operator and customer escalates into corporate Twitter party.

UK's Tesco Mobile starts a clever Twitter tea party

Customers that send Twitter shout-outs to businesses rarely get a very personal response. Nor do they end up starting a debate about the difference between biscuits and cakes with other companies. UK cell company Tesco Mobile responded to a customer's complaint with a snappy comeback on Nov 9 that has continued through the week according to a BuzzFeed article on Thursday.

Tesco Mobile triggers the best Twitter conversation ever

A FEW cheeky messages between a customer and his telecommunications company have triggered the best sledging match since Steve Waugh met Herschelle Gibbs. It all started on November 10 when Tesco Mobile, a British mobile network company, indulged in a spot of banter with Twitter user Riccardo Esposito.

Tesco Mobile, Yorkshire Tea, and Jaffa Cakes rule at social media and this is why

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A Social Media Agency's Likes and Fails - 15th November - Tesco Mobile winning at social & #AskJPM hashtag hijack

Have a lovely Friday everyone! Here are today's Likes and Fails. Likes So this is without a doubt the best brand twitter conversation that's happened, ever, as well as the most bizarre. Huge Kudos to the brands' Social Media Managers!