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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 15, 2013
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School Counselor Posters for K12

School Counselors, these posters can become your 24/7 outreach to troubled students. They're created by the counselors at Youth Change Professional Development, the experts on helping you help troubled students. See all these mental health posters here:

(c57 ) Poster #248- Counseling Poster Helps Students with Emotional Problems

Poster #248 Isn't this poster really sweet? Do you notice how it draws you in? That's intentional. Poster #248 is meant to lure children and teens who have emotional problems, into the counselor's office. Created by the mental health experts at Youth Change Workshops, Poster #248 can accomplish what words can't.

(d47) Poster #338- Help Troubled Students Seek Guidance from Counselor

Poster #338 Poster #338 is for students who have big problems but little intent to ever ask for help from the counselor, social worker, psychologist, therapist or LPC. Designed by expert counselors to be evocative, Poster #338 can sometimes accomplish what mere words can't, and successfully encourage recalcitrant students to seek the help they need from a mental health counselor or clinician.

(d39) Poster #330- Motivational Poster Teaches Students Future is Closer Than They Think

Poster #330 If you find it frustrating to teach students who don't care about school because they believe the future is far away, Poster #330 is ready to turn that around. Poster #330 shows a car mirror with the text of "The future is closer than it appears. Will you be ready?"

(d22) Poster #313- Classroom, School Poster Stops Students Making Excuses

Poster #313 Let the experts on student misconduct and problem behavior be your poster authority too. Poster #313 was carefully designed to effectively remind students that excuses are not going to work in life. The poster says: "Excuses are like pennies. They're nearly worthless."

(d16) Poster #307- School Poster for Perfectionistic, Discouraged Students

Poster #307 School posters don't get any better than this dynamic powerhouse. Created by one of our most talented designers, this poster practically leaps off the classroom wall to grab students' attention. Poster #307 says "The only people who never fail are the ones who never try."

(d13) Poster #304- School Poster with Quote

Poster #304 This classroom/school poster says "There are billions of people on earth. Why do you let one ruin your life?" If you work in a classroom, school, treatment center, counseling office, nurse's office, foster home, recreation center, after-school program, special education site or guidance office, this poster was created for your middle and high school students.

#300 This School Poster Can Improve K-12 Students' Anger Management

Poster #300 If you have continuing problems with student anger management in your school, classroom or counseling center, then Poster #300 is the ideal addition to your walls. Poster #300 delivers a constant, 24/7 anger management message to middle and high school students.

#292 School Counselor Poster for Guidance Counseling Offices, Group Rooms: Past

Poster #292 This school poster was created for youth therapists, guidance counselors, school psychologists, emotional growth teachers and therapy group leaders. It is intended for use with older teens and young adults who are receiving counseling to manage family or emotional concerns. The poster says: "Someone who lives in the past, is not living at all."

#291 Inspirational Classroom Poster Has Inspiring Message: Falling Down, Getting Up

Poster #291 Poster #291 says "Falling down is part of life. So is getting up." Teachers, Counselors, School Psychologists, Social Workers and Foster Parents: Poster #291 is for you. It's a gentle, inspirational message poster. Poster #291 is perfect to encourage your depressed, sad, traumatized, discouraged and negative children and teens to see the world in a different light.

(c46) Poster #237- Inspirational Message, Mental Health Poster, Adolescents

Poster #237 This unusual mental health and counseling poster is intended for use with older adolescents under the guidance of a trained counselor, psychologist or social worker. This poster is quite forceful and is for use only with populations of teens that would be properly impacted by its powerful message.

(b75) Poster #166- Motivational High School Poster with Quote for Classrooms

Poster #166 This has quickly become one of our favorite motivational high school poster. The quote, "The power you have to destroy yourself, you have to save yourself," carries such a positive message that encourages students to use their energy to better themselves.

The Girl in the Mirror: Self Esteem Poster

Poster #147 One of the biggest problems facing students these days, especially girls, is the lack of self-esteem. Our self-esteem poster, Girl in the Mirror," challenges students to take on how they feel about themselves, find the positive and realize how great they actually are.

(a77) Poster #68- Teen Mental Health Poster for School Guidance Counselors, Therapists

Poster #68 If Poster #68 looks familiar, it's because you saw it in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Poster #68 is now ready to star on the walls of your agency, school, counseling program, private practice office, or mental health center.

(d44) Poster #335- Student Inspirational Message of Encouragement Poster with Quote

Poster #335 This sweet, inspirational message poster effectively delivers a message of encouragement and hope to sad, troubled, depressed, frightened or traumatized students. Ideal for classrooms, but equally perfect for the guidance counseling office, therapist group room, psychologist office, social work clinic, student assistance center or drug treatment program.

(d46) Poster #337- Inspirational Counseling Message Poster for Students

Poster #337 This sweet, inspirational, thought-provoking message poster is perfect for teens who are struggling with loneliness, isolation, sadness, loss, death, bullying, gossip or cliques. It also might be just the right poster to comfort and assist adolescents who have gone through a break-up, dispute or family conflict.