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Top 10 in Ceiling Speakers 2016 - 2017

Looking for the top ten and best deal in ceiling mount speakers for 2016 and 2017, check this list first.


All about In-ceiling Speakers

All about In-ceiling Speakers

In- ceiling speakers are designed to sit recessed into the ceiling. They sit flush mounted with the ceiling, offering a sleek and minimalistic look to any room in the home. In-ceiling speakers range significantly in quality and price.

Top quality in-ceiling speakers produce excellent sound quality and can enhance any room, including an accurately set up surround sound home theater room. In-ceiling speakers are often referred to architectural speakers, as they seem to blend in well with the decor of any room.

Most in-ceiling speakers are round, although there is no real reason for this shape, as rectangle or square in-ceiling speakers are just as effective. Most have grills that can be painted to match the color of the ceiling.


How In-ceiling Speakers Work

How In-ceiling Speakers Work

In-ceiling speakers work in exactly the same way as a normal speaker works. The only exception is they don’t take up any floor space, and there is no visible wiring to be seen anywhere.

In-ceiling speaker wires are run from the sound unit, behind the wall, and into the back of the speaker unit that sits in the ceiling space.


Benefits of In-ceiling Speakers

Benefits of In-ceiling Speakers

One of the most significant benefits of installing in-ceiling speakers in the lack of floor space they take up. There is no need to have bulky, floor standing speakers taking up valuable living space, where they can be knocked over by kids playing, or be squashed into the corner behind the sofa.

The other benefit is there is no sign of unsightly wiring pouring out from behind the TV unit, running across the floor, behind the couch, under the corner table, and up to the back of the floor-standing speakers. In-ceiling speakers provide a sleek, clean look to any room.

In-ceiling speakers, although stuck in the one place, can offer great flexibility. They can turn any room in the home into a musical haven; they can create a great home theater environment or turn an outdoor dining area into an entertaining party spot.


What to Consider with In-Ceiling Speakers

What to Consider with In-Ceiling Speakers

There are several things to consider before choosing which type of in-ceiling speakers to buy. In-ceiling speakers should be planned out thoughtfully before being purchased, in order to make the right buying decision, and get the desired results.

Before rushing out and buying the first in-ceiling speaker set available, buyers should consider the following.


Sound Quality of In-Ceiling Speakers

Sound Quality of In-Ceiling Speakers

The true audio buff may consider in-ceiling speakers to be inferior to a carefully laid out surround sound home theater environment with massive floor speakers, equalizers, and subwoofers. However, in-ceiling speakers can create very good sound quality that any homeowner would be proud to show off to friends and family.

One of the most significant differences in sound between floor standing speakers and in-ceiling speakers is the bass that is produced. A speaker works by producing sound that is created by the casing that surrounds the actual speaker unit. With in-ceiling speakers, the casing is actually the ceiling space.
For this reason, a subwoofer is often used to create the bass sounds that are required to create great quality sound. A subwoofer is ideal for listening to music, as it gives a warmer, more realistic sound.

There are several other factors to consider regarding sound quality when it comes to in-ceiling speakers. The following provides a list of the more technical aspects of what to look for in an in-ceiling speaker.

  • Frequency: Refers to the range of sound the speaker can produce, measured in Hz; human hearing is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz; a speaker with 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz will offer a great range of sound

  • Watts: Refers to the speaker’s maximum amplified power output; the greater the watts, the more powerful the speaker; most speakers are less than 250 watts

  • Decibels: Refers to the speaker’s sensitivity, and how effectively it uses the power from the amplifier; the higher the decibel rating, the louder the speaker can be played

There are many different aspects of in-ceiling speakers that can affect sound quality. The more expensive the speakers, generally the more powerful they are, and the better sound quality they can produce.


Safety of In-Ceiling Speakers

Safety of In-Ceiling Speakers

When installing in-ceiling speakers, safety should be a major consideration. Buyers should purchase specially made speaker wires that are designed for in-ceiling use. These are intended to meet fire and building code regulations. UL - rated speaker wire is what buyers should look for.


Special Features of In-Ceiling Speakers

Special Features of In-Ceiling Speakers

Some in-ceiling speakers offer special features to enable users to receive optimal sound quality. There are many features to choose from, and buyers should consider carefully what features they would find useful, and those they may not use.

  • Swivel Tweeters: Tweeters reproduce higher frequencies, and work in conjunction with subwoofers, which produce lower frequencies. Swivel tweeters are designed to enable users to angle the speaker in a certain direction, directing higher frequency sound to a particular part of the room. These are great for surround sound home theater setups.

  • Sound Controls: Because it is not possible to know how a particular in-ceiling speaker will sound in a room until it is installed, it is a good idea to have the ability to control the sound that is produced from the speakers. Having bass and treble controls allow the user to adjust levels once the speakers are installed. It also means users can adjust levels to best suit the type of sound they are listening to, whether it is music, movies, or gaming.

  • Moisture Protection: Some buyers want to install in-ceiling speakers in damp or humid areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoors. In damp or humid conditions, buyers should consider buying moisture resistant in-ceiling speakers.


Size of In-Ceiling Speakers

Size of In-Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speaker size depends on the size of the room the speaker will be installed in. Having the correct sized speaker will provide a fuller, more effective sound. It is not really possible to have speakers that are too large. However, it is possible to have speakers that are too small.

In-ceiling speakers that are too small for a room will not provide good quality sound, and will limit how high they can be turned up without distorting. Home audio specialists will be able to guide buyers in what size speakers would suit any particular room.

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