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Meet the Team

~This is where I introduce us to you. A grain of salt may be required. Pioneer Outfitters, The Extreme Pro Team Guides (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly), the Alaska Guide Trainees ~ They are all the Pioneer Outfitters Team.

Meet the Team

Master Guide Terry Overly... Terry has been guiding folks and visitors into the wilderness on horseback since before regulations were an issue. Before the National Park Service came to Alaska. The oldest Assistant Guide License I was able to find was issued in 1963.

Keeping Up With the Boys: Meet the Team

The Alaska Guide Trainees in training with Pioneer Outfitters and Master Guide Terry Overly are a huge part of our team. They are the future of the Professional Guide industry. I put together a list of questions for each of them to answer and to give the world a little insight to the young men and women we have in training at this time.

23 Questions You Want Answered about Pioneer Outfitters

This post originally was written in response to another post, by Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media ( 23 Blog-able Questions I Have About Your Business). I have made some adjustments and additions to clarify even more of the deeper questions you, our guest, may have about Pioneer Outfitters.

Behind the Scenes at Pioneer Outfitters

We have Meet the Team right here, on our website, so you can see us, know who we are and where we come from. Taking you, behind the scenes. Behind the scenes, and into our lives. The roles we play as part of the Pioneer Outfitters Team and indeed, the part we play in the world.

Behind the Scenes: Alaska Chick on Growing Up

At age 4, my little Chicklet started talking about "growing up." I suppose it was to be expected, as her big brother was then, 13 years old and pushing boundaries almost constantly. Growing up, can be a blessing to ourselves, as well as the world.

Behind the Scenes with Coso in Alaska

Please allow me to introduce you to one of Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainees, Costen "Coso" Smith. Coso is next up on our Behind the Scenes series, allowing you to know more about the Team in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters. Coso arrived in Chisana, January of 2013 to begin his Alaska Guide Training.

Behind the Scenes: One Last Gift for Kaleb Kiper

Our Alaska Chick has recently given the entire Team, including Master Guide Terry Overly, a list of eight random questions chosen from unknown participants. We, the Team, have to pick specifically one of the eight questions that interest us the most.

Behind the Scenes: Guide Training Questions

Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainee Makinzi Rutledge for October's Behind the Scenes series, brings to attention the importance of understanding how much is learned by asking questions as well as the responsibility to acknowledge if the answer makes sense. Just like all the others before me, I was asked to pick a question from a group of questions.

One of Alaska's Top Professional Guides on Alaska Guides

Children and old-timers, the knowledge they have to share with us all, through innocent insight and lifetimes of experience is something that cannot be overlooked or forgotten. Who would know more about becoming or what it takes to be an Alaska Guide than one of Alaska's top Professional Guides?