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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 10, 2013
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School Rules Posters

Here are some of the best classroom and school rules posters for elementary, middle and high schools. From the behavior experts at Youth Change Workshops, these wall signs can improve your classroom management now.

(c83) Poster #274- Give Me Five Poster: Elementary School

Poster #274 Here's the world-famous Give Me 5 Poster that you've been searching for. This colorful, attention-grabbing classroom management poster is almost magic. It can be the fastest way known to quiet down elementary students once you teach them to give you 5, just like the poster says.

(b25) Poster #116- Classroom Student Behavior Posters

Poster #116 Students bring some of the wackiest things to class. Unfortunately, most of the things that get brought into the class cause distractions. Our "What Not to Bring to Class" poster uses humor and eye-catching and original drawings to educate students as to what they should or should not bring.

(b28) Poster #119- Teacher, School, Classroom Poster: Discipline, Rules

Poster #119 Sometimes, students seem to focus on the least important things at school, namely their significant other. Help combat public displays on affection. Help curb this inappropriate behavior and increase your school discipline by using our highly successful school posters.

(c03) Poster #194- Dress Code, Career Ed Posters for Teens

Poster #194 If you were a boss, how many students in your classroom would you fire for being dressed inapporpritely? Our dress code posters make it clear that if students dressed like they do in the workplace, a boss will be sending them home.

(c12) Poster #203- Student Behavior Management Posters; Dress Code

Poster #203 Sometimes, students focus on the least important things in the classroom, one of the worst is the clothes that they and their friends are wearing. Use our "What Never to Wear to School" series of dess code posters to help your students focus on their education and learning in your class.

(d19) Poster #310- Teacher Classroom Management Poster: Student Whining

Poster #310 Poster #310 can bring relief to teachers with the annoying classroom management problem of whiny students. This poster says "Whining won't get you help, answer your questions, get your work done, solve your problems," and that's the precise message you want to deliver to your students who whine excessively.

(c63) Poster #254- Classroom Rules Poster for Teachers

Poster #254 This poster uses almost no words to convey your important classroom management message. This follow-the-rules poster gets the job done with few words but lots of visual impact. That makes this poster perfect for every elementary, middle or high school classroom. This posters says "What not to do in school."

(c37) Poster #228- Teacher Poster for History Classrooms, Eat

Poster #228 Teachers, isn't it annoying when students are eating while you're trying to teach them? If you're tired of reminding students about your classroom rules to not eat during class times, Poster #228 can help stop the rule violations.

(d42) Poster #333- Poster Improves Students' Self-Control

Poster #333 Out-of-control students can take 99% of teachers' time. Teachers need every effective tool that they can find to ensure good discipline and classroom management. Help your students who have tantrums, are aggressive, defiant, uncooperative or lack good self-control skills by putting Poster #333 on your wall.

(c58) Poster #249- Classroom Self-Control Quiet Student Poster

Poster #249 Poster #249 says "When the hand goes up, the mouth goes shut." Teachers: Are you working way too hard to quiet down your students so you can finally start class? The typical teacher wastes about 22 minutes per hour on on-demand behavior management.