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Updated by Adam Goldberg on Nov 10, 2013
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Great iPad apps to enable all as quality music makers.




Soothing music and visuals. Calming and relaxing generative ambience by Brian Eno


Fusing literacy and music making. Introduce initial consonants in a fun, interactive environment. Also helps create interesting musical textures.


Great interface to introduce and teach sampling concepts. Also fantastic for eliciting speech in shy or verbally challenged learners.


Link the aural and the visual with this great introductory compositional tool.


Apple's premier app for live and recorded performance. Also great as a composition learning tool. Most recent update features Inter-App Audio and enables recording of up to 32 tracks! Oh, it's now free!


The basics of Robert Moog's famous Moog synthesis engine can be taught and experienced via this app.




More from Moog. Bring the quality sound, design and craftsmanship of the Moog brand to your iPad. Highly modifiable for all learner needs.

KORG iKaossilator

Composition and live performance fun for all learners. iPad version of the very popular Kork Kaossilator.




Propellerhead, the company behind Reason, a very powerful DAW, has incorporated some of Reason's full, powerful sounds into Figure. Lots of loop based and live musical inspiration in a very inexpensive, well thought out app.


Control almost any aspect of your performance wirelessly using the very powerful OSC MIDI Protocol. Customize your layout to meet learner needs.

MIDI Touch

Fully customizable control surface on your iPad! Differentiate to provide optimal learner experience for your music students.


Great visuals accompany this highly customizable iPad synth.

NodeBeat HD

Colorful and customizable interface connects spacial and rhythmic relationships. Features a pleasing palette of internal sound options, but also can trigger other devices on up to four MIDI channels simultaneously.


The Music of the Spheres, and then some.

MIDI Designer Pro

Dream, create and play your perfect MIDI controller with MIDI Designer. We're adored by Recording Magazine, loved by Sound on Sound, raved about by enthusiastic users, and winner of the Sonic Touch Gold Award for Best App. Trusted on stage by touring acts like Todd Rundgren, POSTYR and Electroband.


Very powerful instrument provides many options for expressive control during live performance in a highly customizable interface. Recording and looping options.