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Updated by Michael Fleischer on Oct 23, 2017
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Top Rated Rock Cutting Saws and Polishers

Adding weekly to a list of resources for rockhounds looking for the best bargains on tools that work well. This online resource list will help you to find exactly what you need to take your business or hobby to the next level.


Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers For Rockhounds

By Michael Fleischer | Resource buying guide for those serious about rock tumblers and other tools of the trade.

Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers Resource Guide

Resource guide for parents, professionals, and beginners interested in finding the best rock tumblers, lapidary equipment, and starter kits.

Rock Polishing Cutting Hobby

Looking for the right tools for your trade? This site contains boat loads of awesome products, tools, tumbling media, tumblers, and rock cutting machines. Buying the right tool makes the difference.

Rock Polishing Cutting Hobby

Affordable rock polishing cutting hobby tools and tips for lapidary enthusiasts.

Best Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers 2014

This resource will give you clear direction as to what tools you should consider purchasing for your business or hobby.

Short History Of Cutting Tools

gt;Click here for top rate rock cutting saws and lapidary equipmentThe history of saw tools is a well known one due to the fact that we have been left a historical record in cave paintings, carvings and the occasional tool that was buried, either by mistake or with ritual burials.

Precious Stones vs Semi-Precious Stones

Click here for top rated rock polishers and tumblersStones have been worn by both women and men since prehistoric times. Just as in the jewelry of modern times, beautiful stones, rare and colorful, are most often the dominant feature of a piece with a metallic setting for ornamentation.The stones us...

Semi-Precious Stone Gift Ideas

gt;Click here to see semi-precious stone gift ideasDiamonds may be a girl's best friend but not everyone can always afford them. There are a lot of semi-precious stones or gemstones around the world that would also make a woman look elegant and classy. Many of these can be found in countries, l...

Treasure Hunting For Geodes

Click here to get a rock polishing starter kit for your kidsThunder eggs, or geodes, are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks. They look like regular rocks from the outside, the exterior typically made up of limestone, but then have crystal formatio...

Top Rated Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers for Lapidary Craftsman

Get the best equipment and tools for your lapidary business or hobby by using this resource guide to find top rated rock cutting saws, rock tumblers, and rock polishers. I have always found that...

Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers Resource Buying...

Buying the best tools always provides the best results. Here is a resource buying guide for your to find the right tool for your business or hobby. | For The Home

Rock Cutting Saws Rock Polishers Tumblers

Top Rated Rock Cutting Saws and Polishers - Thumler's Tumbler Ultra-Vibe 10 Vibrating Rock Tumbler, 6" Hi Tech Lapidary Trim Saw with Vise 115 volt, A REALLY Good Book for Newbies, Lapidary Blog, Rotary Rock Tumblers - Rock Polishing... | For The Home

Rock Cutting Saws And Polishing Buying Guide 2013 - 2014

Getting the right tools for the job makes the work go smoother and avoids the hiccups during the process. This buying guide will lead you to the tools, reviews, and resources that you will need for your developing lapidary business or hobby.

Rock Cutting Saws And Polishers Resource Buying List

Buying the best tools always provides the best results. Here is a resource buying guide for your to find the right tool for your business or hobby.

Thumler's Tumbler Ultra-Vibe Vibrating Rock Polisher Tumbler

I received this tumbler yesterday (a bit earlier than was estimated) and of course I had to get it up and running right away. At first I wasn't sure if I added enough/too much water because the grit didn't seem to stick to the rocks too well. When I checked before bed it seemed to be sticking much better and the rocks were thoroughly coated. Here I am, about 21 hours later, and I am so thrilled by how smooth the rocks have become in such a short amount of time. It would have taken AT LEAST a week to get to this stage in my rotary tumbler.

Lortone Rock Polisher Tumbler - 3lb Capacity

I've collected rocks (mineral specimens) since my Dad took me out to a road cut in the late 60s. We've used a number of tumblers through the years and even tried a vibratory tumbler. The Lortone 3A tumble stands with the best that we've tried. The container is easy to open and fill. The tumbler is quiet and very reliable.

6" Hi Tech Lapidary Rock Cutting Trim Saw with Vise

Our American made 6" Trim Saw is ideal for trimming facet material, opals and rock slabs of all types. The saw table has a large working area measuring 15" x 9". The durable housing is made of unbreakable cross-linked polyethylene which cannot rust. The housing and all plastic parts are guaranteed for life.

10" Hi Tech Lapidary Diamond Rock Cutting Saws Rock Polishers

This rock cutting saws durable housing is polyethylene and can be emptied from a 1" plug in the side.
Empty it is easy to move. When it is Full of coolant it provides a strong stable base to work with.

A REALLY Good Book for Newbies

I just finished a book by Steve Hart called Modern Rock Tumbling and felt it warranted a post. This is a REALLY good book for Newbie tumblers. Unlike many lapidary guides that cover all aspects of

Rock Tumbler Grit

Home " Rock Tumblers " Rock Tumbler Grit Tumbling Grit: Tumbling grit is sand-sized particles of silicon carbide. That is where the name "grit" comes from. It is an abrasive material that is placed in the tumbler barrel with your rocks. Silicon carbide is much harder than the rocks that you will tumble.

Lapidary Blog

Please bear in mind that the above examples represent only the tip of the iceberg; by no means is this a complete picture of the possible dangers any lapidary can encounter. I do hope it's enough to get your attention. Lapidary work should be a fun and enjoyable endeavor, but clearly, what you don't know CAN kill you!

Rotary Rock Tumblers - Rock Polishing Machines

A large selection of rotary tumblers - we have a tumbler that is just right for you!