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Good Psychologists in Melbourne

List of the top psychologists who deal with a range issues and provide the highest levels of service, are compassionate and caring. Depression, anxiety, adolescence, teenagers, relationships

Ben Buchanan

I work with adolescents and adults to overcome internal obstacles and external life situations. My goal is to help people transform psychological problems into personal growth, often to the extent of not regretting having these problems in the first place. Working together we discover new ways of thinking about and overcoming difficulties. I focus on establishing a strong relationship with the people I work with and help individuals challenge barriers and reach goals.

I have expertise in psychological problems that manifest and interact with physical concerns, and run the body dysmorphic disorder treatment program within VCPS. In addition, I work with obsessive compulsive disorder, conversion disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, anger management, stress management, relationship difficulties, motivation and adolescent issues. I conduct psychometric assessments for educational concerns, decision making capacity and personality functioning.

Ms Leonie Hehir

Our Staff - In Detail Consultant Psychologist BSc BA(Hons) GradDipOccHyg DipClinHyp MAppSc MAPS MASH AACH I am experienced in the areas of clinical and medical hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is useful in assisting clients uncover and clarify deeper issues which they may find are too difficult to verbalise.

Ms. Maria Galatsis

Our Staff - In Detail Consultant Psychologist B.Sc.(Psych)., Grad.Dip.App.Psych.,M.Psych., MAPS I have been a consultant psychologist for over 10 years and have previously worked in secondary schools and in hospitals.

Dr Cherine Habib

Our Staff - In Detail Clinical Child and Family Psychologist BBSc(Hon) GradDipHum CPTP(Austin) MPsych(CCP) PhD MAPS(CCP) AAFT(Clinical) I have been practicing clinical psychology for over twenty years (with the exception of a of break so I could care for my children) mostly as a clinician and, more recently, as a university teacher of clinical psychology.

Dr Russell Deighton

Our Staff - In Detail Clinical Psychologist Dr Biol Hum (Ulm) Clinical Psych (Stuttgart, SZVT), Dipl Psych (Konstanz), BA Hons (Melb), MAPS. My work includes counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families. I provide support to individuals who are experiencing various forms of emotional problems, including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, pain and physical difficulties, and problem gambling.


Mr Robert Luzza

Mr Robert Luzza

I specialise in working with adolescents and adults who want to understand the deeper workings of their emotions, and the factors that enable them to live more fulfilling lives. I work with individuals, families, and also specialise in helping staff who work in schools. I also help schools and businesses recognise and promote factors that enhance organisational and staff well-being. Previously I held the role of program co-ordinator in the Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit at Maroondah Hospital, during which time I completed the Developmental Psychiatry Program. In addition, I have worked in the field of adolescent mental health in the United Kingdom.


Ms Serena Thorpe

Ms Serena Thorpe

I believe that although clients may present with similar issues such as depression or anxiety, each client is an individual requiring assistance with a unique focus. My work centres on empowering a person to identify the perceptions and patterns that influence their presenting difficulties, and I provide assistance and techniques that develop coping strategies and prevent relapse. I like to work with the strengths of a person while assisting them to explore their underlying values and how these affect their behaviour and mood.

My specific interests include trauma and substance problems, and my experience includes working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, providing assessment and treatment for clients affected by change in employment circumstances (e.g., unemployment), and treatment of symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

Ms Rosemary Grahame

My goal in therapy is to enable a person to acquire an increased capacity for satisfaction and contentment through greater self-awareness. I like to address the broader personality factors that underlie symptoms. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness or somatic complaints are generally indicative of more fundamental issues concerning one’s sense of identity (including gender identity), self-esteem, unresolved resentments, etc.

In addition to personality factors, I also address circumstantial causes of distress such as bereavement and other forms of loss; crises - such as trauma or abuse; relationship problems; concerns about health - fertility, sexual anxieties and ageing; and depression due to external factors.

Dr Adam Becker

Our Staff - In Detail Counselling Psychologist BSc(Psych)Hons DPsych MAPS MCCOUN I am a Counselling Psychologist and have been trained in various psychological therapies, including cognitive behavioural and interpersonal/relational approaches. I have a keen interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a particularly helpful way of addressing longstanding patterns of feeling, thinking, behaving and relating which are getting in the way of living a satisfied life.