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Classroom Posters You'll Love

These classroom posters deliver behavior, attitude and performance improvements in k12 students. They're from the poster experts at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops at Get freebies on the site and see hundreds of totally awesome classroom posters.

(d35) Poster #326- Funny, Motivational Classroom Math Poster for Middle and High School Students

Poster #326 Designed by mental health experts, Poster #326 uses humor and the element of surprise to help reluctant learners and math-phobic students begin to see the value of math and arithmetic. It is hard for students to evade the motivational message hidden behind the silliness of this unusual school poster.

(b60) Poster #151- Graduation Poster Motivates Students to Care About School

Poster #151 We pride ourselves in meshing creativity, flashy graphics, and a powerful message to motivate students with each one of our classroom posters. Our "Succeedies, Breakfast of Graduates," poster fits that description. If you need to motivate students to stay in school, work their best, and to graduate, this is your poster.

(b78) Poster #169- Motivational Poster for Unmotivated Students, Sports, NFL

Poster #169 What is the one common thing that all NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB and every other professional athlete have? A high school diploma, and that's exactly what our sports diploma motivation poster says. Students often bank their future on the hopes and dreams that they'll make it big in sports and earn millions of dollars.

(b77) Poster #168- High School Graduation Motivation Poster

Poster #168 A little humor goes a long way in motivating students to graduate. Thankfully, our graduation motivation poster, "Ask me how to earn $329,000," does just that. It draws students in with the catchy graphics and the humorous saying. But it does more than that, it delivers the message that a diploma is worth a ton of money.

(c02) Poster #193- Improve Student Conduct in School Poster

Poster #193 Ever hear your students thay you're too hard on them or too hard? Our student conduct poster gives you the most reliable reply: wait until you meet your boss. Bosses can make teachers look like cute little kittens.

(d11) Poster #302- School No Fail Poster

Poster #302 School posters don't get any more creative and effective than this motivational message sign. For use with elementary, middle school and high school students, Poster #302 is also a must-have for special education, alternative ed, sheltered classrooms and anywhere you find discouraged, failing or frustrated children and teens.

(d33) Poster #324- Incredible School Poster Motivates Middle and High School Students

Poster #324 No other school poster can compete with the incredible power of this motivational gem. Intended for use by teachers who teach middle and high school students, Poster #324 is perfect for teachers, counselors and youth workers who work in special ed, alternative education, teen employment sites, treatment centers and after-school programs. There is no escaping the intense message Poster #324 sends to students.

(d43) Poster #334- Poster Motivates Students to Learn Computer Skills

Poster #334 Part of the popular "Said No Boss Ever" series of motivational posters, Poster #334 is designed to be a stellar motivational force in your computer, technology or keyboard skills classroom. Perfect for middle and high school students, Poster #334 is so unique because it is designed to focus on motivation for learning computer, tech and keyboarding skills.

(d39) Poster #330- Motivational Poster Teaches Students Future is Closer Than They Think

Poster #330 If you find it frustrating to teach students who don't care about school because they believe the future is far away, Poster #330 is ready to turn that around. Poster #330 shows a car mirror with the text of "The future is closer than it appears. Will you be ready?"

(d37) Poster #328- Fractions, Arithmetic, Math Poster for Middle, High School Classrooms

Poster #328 Math Teachers: Poster #328 is going to help your students get over their fear of fractions, math and arithmetic. Designed by school counseling experts to help manage students' anxiety, frustration and negativity, Poster #328 is your best bet to overcome all the obstacles to math instruction that your students present.

(d36) Poster #327- Funny Middle and High School Math Poster to Motivate Students

Poster #327 Math posters don't get any better than this funny, motivational powerhouse. Poster #327 does a stellar job of easing students into having a more positive view of math and arithmetic instruction. It's silly message distracts students into developing a less negative concept of math instruction.