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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 08, 2013
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Classroom Posters Motivate Unmotivated Students

Stop using wimpy resources with unmotivated students. Youth Change Workshops' classroom posters motivate your most unmotivated students, and deliver a powerful, unforgettable punch. See for yourself and get freebies at

The Most Powerful Student Graduation Poster is Motivational, Inspiring

Poster #9 This powerful student graduation poster will totally motivate and inspire your elementary, middle, high school students to finish school, get a diploma, skills, and a complete education. We've had teachers tell us about the impact of this poster in their classrooms. We've heard that students are amazed with the shocking fact that one little piece of paper could be worth so much money.

(a20) Poster #11-- Motivating Student Poster - Youth Change

Poster #11 Your students may not care about school, but some of them do care about cars. This motivating student / car poster combines dropout prevention, motivation and cars in one place. This poster markets school and education by linking it with cars.

A Motivational Job Poster for Dropouts That Sells the Value of School

Poster #21 Watch out! Poster #21 is a motivational masterpiece. It's a motivational job poster that speaks for itself, and it speaks with a loud, persuasive voice that can be heard all day every school day. Poster #21 needs no help to motivate students who don't see value in career ed, high school, special ed, diplomas.

(a44) Poster #35- Finish School Motivational Sports Poster

Poster #35 This is the poster you've been searching for and hoping existed. Poster #35 convinces your aspiring sports stars that yes, they will still need school, education and a diploma even if they do try hard to make it into the NBA.

(a47) Poster #38- Attendance and Punctuality Poster

Poster #38 This school attendance and punctuality poster is so cute and funny that it can get your "arrive on time every time" message through to even the most resistant and oppositional students. This poster is ideal for the principal's office, attendance office, as well as school corridors and hallways.

(b38) Poster #129 Motivational Classroom, School, Get a Diploma Motivation Poster

Poster #129 Our diploma motivation poster comes right out and says the cold heart fact that high school dropouts have an increasingly hard time finding a job, let alone a job that has an inherent quality to it. If students want all the bells and whistles, all the things they want in life and adventures, it all starts with a diploma.

(b46) Poster #137- Motivational Poster, Middle, High School

Poster #137 With today's economy, it is no longer possible for students to dropout of school and to be successful and life. Like our mtivational poster for students says, all jobs now require an education. Employers want talented, smart and skilled workers to hire.

(b57) Poster #148- Motivational School Poster to Build School and Academic Success

Poster #148 The world has become a hard place to try and find a job, especially for dropouts. Help inspire your students and prevent dropouts with our creative and humorous poster. Show students that jobs are getting harder to find, not only is there more competition from other people, especially those with degrees and diplomas, but also from technology.