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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 08, 2013
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Classroom Posters Help Students Finish Work, School Assignments

Finally, tools to help students finish their work, stop procrastinating, stop refusing assignments and putting off homework. These classroom posters are from the authority on work refusers, school failure and homework completion, Youth Change Professional Devleopment Workshops, See more posters and get freebies at the site.

(d30) Poster #321- Students Who Refuse to Work in School

Poster #321 Nobody knows work refusers like the experts who at Youth Change Professional Development Workshops. We're the authority on all classroom management problems but students who refuse work are our specialty. We have great answers. Now, we have more than great answers for students who refuse assignments.

(d40) Poster #331- Poster Teaches Students to Finish Assignments

Poster #331 Stop wishing there was a sure-fire way to teach students to finish their class assignments and other assigned tasks at school. Poster #331 is ready to become your nonstop helper reminding students that assignments are due on time. Even better, this terrific classroom poster is a fantastic motivator.

(d32) Poster #323- Classroom Poster for Students Who Don't Finish Their Work

Poster #323 It's a huge problem for teachers: students who don't finish their work in school. Even though it's a huge problem, there aren't a lot of resources out there to help students become motivated to behave differently. Enter Poster #323. It's specifically created to help teachers motivate students to finish their work.

(d11) Poster #302- School No Fail Poster

Poster #302 School posters don't get any more creative and effective than this motivational message sign. For use with elementary, middle school and high school students, Poster #302 is also a must-have for special education, alternative ed, sheltered classrooms and anywhere you find discouraged, failing or frustrated children and teens.

(d16) Poster #307- School Poster for Perfectionistic, Discouraged Students

Poster #307 School posters don't get any better than this dynamic powerhouse. Created by one of our most talented designers, this poster practically leaps off the classroom wall to grab students' attention. Poster #307 says "The only people who never fail are the ones who never try."

(a48) Poster #39- Procrastination Poster for Schools

Poster #39 Don't wait even a minute to get the best "stop procrastinating" poster ever published. This cutie belongs on your classroom walls reminding your students every day to get their work done in a timely manner. This poster uses a cartoon and gentle humor to deliver a message that will stick.

(a50) Poster #41- Stop Procrastinating Poster for Schools

Poster #41 Help students learn to stop procrastinating and to complete school work and assignments in a timely manner. Poster #41 is a cute, funny, visual reminder, and is perfect for school walls, classrooms, and offices. It's message is so true: No one ever procrastinated their way to the top.