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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 08, 2013
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Top 10 Classroom Posters

You've got to love the intense, unusual classroom posters from the counselors and teachers at Youth Change Workshops, See hundreds more at the site but here are 10 of the most popular, beloved classroom posters of all time.

(d25) Poster #316- Motivational School Math Poster

Poster #316 Middle school and high school walls should be covered with the motivational magic that is our Poster #316. If you want to put power and effectiveness to work for you motivating even the most unmotivated students to care about math, then Poster #316 is a necessity for your classroom.

(d21) Poster #312- Motivational Classroom Poster

Poster #312 This poster simply may be the most powerful motivational poster ever created for middle school and high school students who are unmotivated. Poster #312 is incredibly motivational, inspirational, powerful and persuasive. This amazing motivational poster can convince your unmotivated, at-risk students to stay in school and get a diploma.

(d19) Poster #310- Teacher Classroom Management Poster: Student Whining

Poster #310 Poster #310 can bring relief to teachers with the annoying classroom management problem of whiny students. This poster says "Whining won't get you help, answer your questions, get your work done, solve your problems," and that's the precise message you want to deliver to your students who whine excessively.

(b37) Poster #128- Diploma Motivation Message Poster for Schools and Classes

Poster #128 This powerful diploma motivation poster for schools and classes is so utterly powerful and surprising your students may actually become more motivated on the spot. No poster in the history of Youth Change Workshops has attracted more attention, comment and praise than this powerhouse, Poster #128.

(b35) Poster #126- Elementary, Middle, High School Math Motivational Poster

Poster #126 Math is one of the most crucial areas of education. Much of adult lives center around the ability to do math correctly. Everything from bills, to insurance, to work and taxes all require a good deal of math. Our math motivational poster, Numbers Count, Can You?"

(b30) Poster #121- High School Behavior Management PDA

Poster #121 The entire series of posters about Public Displays of Affection (PDA) were requested by the teachers we have on staff. Our behavior management posters use a heavy dose of humor and graphics to not only draw the attention of students, but also to deliver the important messages that schools are asking for.

Graduation Motivation Poster: Who Else wants $329,000?

Poster #123 Sometimes students just need a little reminder that there are a lot of people rooting for them and for them to be successful. Our Who Else Wants to Earn $329,000 graduation motivation poster helps students to realize that you are part of their rally team that's urging them on to success and prosperity.

(b42) Poster #133- Humorous Student Motivational School, Classroom K12Poster

Poster #133 If you're tired of seeing the same, old kind of boring, uninteresting school motivational posters, and wished there was something new, something more effective, something that could practically jar students, stop wishing. Poster #133 is all that.

(d41) Poster #332- Poster Improves Student Attendance

Poster #332 This cute poster is a hard worker. It uses bright colors and gentle humor to deliver a powerful message. If you've been frustrated with the results you get attempting to convince your middle or high school students that regular attendance is important, Poster #332 is the perfect fit for your classroom or office.

(d40) Poster #331- Poster Teaches Students to Finish Assignments

Poster #331 Stop wishing there was a sure-fire way to teach students to finish their class assignments and other assigned tasks at school. Poster #331 is ready to become your nonstop helper reminding students that assignments are due on time. Even better, this terrific classroom poster is a fantastic motivator.