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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 08, 2013
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Cool Classroom Posters

These are just simply the most powerful, unexpected, more effective classroom posters that exist. They are perfect to help improve classroom management problems quickly. They're from the classroom poster experts at Youth Change. See hundred more surprising classroom posters at

(b77) Poster #168- High School Graduation Motivation Poster

Poster #168 A little humor goes a long way in motivating students to graduate. Thankfully, our graduation motivation poster, "Ask me how to earn $329,000," does just that. It draws students in with the catchy graphics and the humorous saying. But it does more than that, it delivers the message that a diploma is worth a ton of money.

(b79) Poster #170- Sports, Diploma Poster for Unmotivated Students

Poster #170 Hey, want to play in the NBA? How about the NFL? What about MLB? We think those are great goals, but there is one thing all of those professional sports leagues require: a diploma. Our sports diploma poster, "What Every NBA, NFL, MLB Player Must Have," says exactly that.

(b84) Poster #175- Math Classroom Motivational, Inspirational Poster for High, Middle, Elementary

Poster #175 A little bit of humor goes a long way, especially when it comes to our school math poster, "You Do The Math." Motivate your students to do the best they can when it comes to their math classes.

Motivational School Poster: Top Dogs

Poster #179 A little humor goes a long way. Our "Top Dogs" motivational school poster helps you to inspire and motivate your students toward their diploma. Sometimes it takes just a humorous little reminder to help kids get pointed in the right direction. Help your students make the right decisions to stay in school and graduate.

(b89) Poster #180- Classroom Poster Motivates Apathetic Students to Care About School

Poster #180 There is a lot crucial information that bosses have when it comes to hiring new employees. There are certain skills that they want their candidates to have, and none of those skills are misbehaving. Our posters motivate students to start creating positive work habits in high school to get them ready for a career.

(b99) Poster #190- Diploma Motivation Posters for Unmotivated Students

Poster #190 Life without a diploma is a hard one. High school dropouts are in for a struggle to survive. Like our diploma motivation poster shows, life will feel upside-down, backwards, and inside-out. There'll always be a fight around every corner. A fight to find a job, keep a job, make enough money, provide for their family...

(c02) Poster #193- Improve Student Conduct in School Poster

Poster #193 Ever hear your students thay you're too hard on them or too hard? Our student conduct poster gives you the most reliable reply: wait until you meet your boss. Bosses can make teachers look like cute little kittens.

(c04) Poster #195- Job, Dress Code School Poster

Poster #195 One of our on-staff teachers, who works at a high school, remarked that even after 9 years of teaching, he is still shocked about some of the things that some students will actually wear to school. Use dress code posters to help you educate students about "What To Never Wear To School."

Social Skills School Poster

Poster #212 Sometimes students need to be reminded that just because their friends do something, doesn't mean they need to. Our Sheeple social skills school poster is actually one of the favorite sayings of one of the teachers we work with. He uses this phrase with his classes all the time.