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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Aug 21, 2017
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Stop Smoking, Tobacco Prevention Classroom Posters

No more wimpy stop smoking posters! These intense classroom posters shock students into reconsidering smoking cigarettes, using chew. See even more anti-tobacco posters at

The More You Smoke, The More You Choke: Stop Smoking Posters

Poster #160 Poster #160 is another one of our hard-hitting, in-your-face stop smoking posters. Encourage and educate your students to stop or avoid smoking. Students need to be safe and healthy to be effective learnings, smoking prevents that. This stop smoking poster says "The More You Smoke, the More You Choke."

(b82) Poster #173- Stop Smoking, Tobacco Prevention Classroom Poster

Poster #173 It is safe to assume that someone who smokes absolutely doesn't care if they kill themselves. Smoking and tobacco carry a multitude of dangers and risks, with death being one of them. Our tobacco prevention poster poses the hard questions, and leads up with the scary reality that tobacco will kill.

(b83) Poster #174- School Stop Smoking, Anti-Tobacco Use Poster

Poster #174 It may be an easy assumption that students who use tobacco, either by smoking or chewing, don't care if they live or die. Our anti-tobacco poster is a harsh reminder that tobacco will make you sick, it will kill you. Students need to be reminded of the deadly consequences of using this drug.

Student Smoking Poster: Cancer Sticks

Poster #146 Students face all sorts of threats to their education, but one of the worst is by the health complications through smoking and tobacco use. Our in your face smoking poster, Cancer Sticks, delivers a strong and important message that smoking kills.

Anti-Cigarette Poster: Want to Trade Your Life For This?

Poster #156 Students face a multitude of risks to their education and health. One of the greatest risks is from smoking and tobacco. Let our anti-cigarette poster help you inspire and educate your students about leading a healthy and tobacco-less lifestyle.

Anti-Chewing Posters: The More You Chew

Poster #154 Our anti-chewing posters may be scary, hard to look at, or may even make people uncomfortable, but the facts about chew and tobacco are pretty scary. It will give students cancer and it will shorten their life. Inspire students to quit using tobacco, or avoid it all together with out anti-chewing posters.

How Big Will Your Tumor Be? A Teen Anti-Tobacco Poster

Poster #159 When it comes to smoking, tobacco, and the health of your students, you can't pull any punches. Our anti-tobacco poster, "How Big Will Your Tumor Be?" hits all the right notes and brings up the scary facts that teens need to hear.

(b70) Poster #161- Anti-Tobacco, Chew Prevention, Stop Cigarette Use Classroom Poster

Poster #161 Student health is extremely important and it is the underpinning of successful and efficient learning. Our anti-tobacco poster seeks to shock kids and educate them at the same time. Students should be very aware of the risks and perils that await them when they decide to chew or smoke tobacco.

(b71) Poster #162- Classroom Posters

Poster #162 Smoking and teens should never go together, and that's the message that our tobacco use prevention poster, "Pretty in Phlegm," says in the most certain terms. Students are first shocked by the eye-catching image and then educated and inspired by the powerful message that comes with it.