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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Oct 11, 2022
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Amazing Substance Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Prevention Posters for the Classroom, Treatment Center or Group

You have to see these intense, hard-to-forget substance abuse posters that can prevent or stop drug abuse and alcohol use, plus DWI, DUI and driving drunk. They're from Youth Change Workshops,

(c50) Poster #241- Inspirational, Don't Drink Alcohol Message Poster for Underage High School Students

Poster #241 If it's true that stop underage drinking posters can't be "too tough," then we have a very tough and effective anti-alcohol poster for you. Poster #241 is intended to be an unforgettable, over-the-top, attention-grabbing wall sign that shocks students into reconsidering underage drinking.

(b15) Poster #106- Anti-Substance Abuse, DWI Posters

Poster #106 Students today face many things in their lives, but one of the biggest is substance abuse and drugs. Our powerful and eye-catching posters deliver an important message that all students need to hear. Drugs and alcohol can only help to destroy a student's life and opportunities.

(b23) Poster #114- DWI Driving While Intoxicated, Substance Abuse Prevention

Poster #114 This poster says "Oh, the things you'll do driving while intoxicated." Help students refrain from drunk driving by keeping their awareness high. Put Poster #114 on your school, classroom or youth center walls and you may just help a teen live longer.

(c47) Poster #238- Teenage Drinking Underage Alcohol Prevention Poster

Poster #238 Wimpy, serious posters don't reach underage drinkers. If you're committed and determined to reach students who are abusing alcohol, or facing pressure to use it, then take a look at Poster #238 shown above. Clearly, Poster #238 is not wimpy. It's forceful, unusual, compelling and memorable.

(c45) Poster #236- Anti-Drug Abuse School Poster to Stop Substance Use

Poster #236 How do you stop teens from drinking? There is no one sure-fire method so it's really important to use all the effective tools you can find. Poster #236 is an effective tool that can help discourage or prevent substance abuse by middle high school students.Part of what is so remarkable about Poster #236 is that it is so unusual and effective.

(c43) Poster #234- Substance Abuse Prevention Posters for Schools, Classrooms, Counseling

Poster #234 If you're looking for truly hard-hitting, unforgettable classroom and school substance abuse prevention posters, stop looking, You've found Poster #234, the toughest of tough substance abuse prevention posters. Poster #234 is designed to work when more ordinary methods fail.

(c39) Poster #230- Underage Drinking Prevention Poster for High School Student Classrooms

Poster #230 Poster #230 is specially created to target older adolescent students who are involved in underage drinking, or at risk of it. Poster #230 has a definite edge to it, which is why this poster may be best used with older teens.

(d31) Poster #322- School Posters to Prevent Student Substance Abuse

Poster #322 This school poster is a hard-to-miss reminder to middle and high school students to avoid substance abuse. Since this poster relates drug and alcohol use to future employment, it gives students another reason to avoid substance abuse. Substance abuse is such a huge and dangerous student health and safety concern.

(b44) Poster #135- Drug Abuse Prevention for Schools, Treatment

Poster #135 The reality is that to get a job of any kind, you may be required to submit to drug testing. Our drug abuse prevention poster says in no uncertain terms that students who abuse substances are more likely to be eliminated from consideration because of their drug abuse.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support Groups | Pinnacle Peak Recovery

Support groups for all types of addictions allow people to join together with others who share similar experiences, backgrounds, and struggles. Drug and alcohol substance use groups are helpful whether you are interested in a support group as a first step in your journey to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction or if you want to participate in a group to remain sober and help newer members.