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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 09, 2013
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Classroom Literacy Posters

These powerhouse classroom literacy posters show students that they can't make it through life without school. These gems are from Youth Change Workshops,, the nation's leading provider of creative, more effective classroom posters.

Reading Poster: All Jobs Now Require Reading

Poster #136 Ask students to name one job that they could have that doesn't require reading. They won't be able to come up with one. And there's good reason for that. As our reading poster shows, if students want a good job, they'll need to be literate, and the best place to learn that is in school.

(b33) Poster #124- Classroom Poster to Motivate Apathetic Kids

Poster #124 Motivate apathetic kids with our All You Need To Know Is In The Class You Missed poster came from an actual teacher. They requested this specific poster to help motivate apathetic kids who are often skipping or truant.

(b93) Poster #184- Humorous Motivational Poster for Classrooms

Poster #184 Sometimes a little humor helps inspire students to be in school and do the best they can. Students need to be in school to be successful. Our motivational poster helps students realize that you want them in class, and expect them to be there.

(b94) Poster #185- Motivational Reading Literacy

Poster #185 One of the most important skills a student needs to learn during their twelve years of public education is reading. Reading truly is one of the underpinning skills of all that we ask students to do. Our reading motivational poster, "This Is What It's Like If You Can't Read," take on this important issue.

(d26) Poster #317- Classroom Literacy Poster for Middle, High School

Poster #317 Classroom and school posters should all be as clever and creative as our powerful Poster #317. If your goal is to get your students to care about literacy, school, academics, and acquiring vital life skills, then Poster #317 is a must-have for your elementary, middle or high school classroom.