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2013 Beer Bloggers Conference Posts

A collection of blog posts about the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conferences in both Boston, MA and in Edinburgh, Scotland from attendees of both conferences.

2013 Beer Bloggers Conference or: Brewfus Takes on Boston

If you were following my Twitter feed in the latter portion of this July, you may have been shocked, appalled, and even offended by a barrage of tweets that occurred over the span of 72 hours. If you happened to be one of the few that un-followed me, or were offended, I am not sorry.

West Coaster @ Beer Bloggers Conference 2013

West Coaster contributor Greg Nagel ( covers the 4th Annual Beer Bloggers Conference live from Boston July 26-28; posts before those dates were by Brian Trout at the National...

Garrett Oliver’s speech at European Beer Bloggers Conference

in Edinburgh 12th July 2013. Garrett Oliver brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery was the keynote speaker at European Beer Conference, which took place in Edinburgh in 12.07.2013. I think it would be interesting for You, even if it's not really about Polish beer.

Interview with Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery

This interview I made with Garrett Oliver in Edinburgh, generally for my Polish viewers at, but I think it is so interesting and so universal, that it's worth to see by beer geeks all over the world. Unfortunately, at the end are some problem with rumour made by service of Ghilie Dhu Pub.

Visit to Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh

Maybe not so Polish, but worth to see. Generally this site is about Polish beer, Polish craft breweries and generally it's Beer Guide to Poland. But if I made some interesting stuff in English (generally for my Polish blog I will post it on BeerGuide.PL for English speaking beer geeks.

Browar Traquair House

czyli jak warzono piwo w Szkocji 2 wieki temu. Powiem szczerze, że sam browar nie jest szczególnie imponujący. Fakt, że jest używany jedynie kilka razy w roku też nie powala. Zwłaszcza w kontekście nie pokazania nam współczesnego browaru. Jednak możliwość zobaczenia jak łatwo można zrobić browar - bez prądu, bez gazu, bez pompy, jest niesamowicie cennym doświadczeniem.

2013 Beer Bloggers Conference - Day 2 Recap (Part 1)

This is part-two of a four-part recap of the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference. You can find part-one here. We pick up now where we left off: with me crashing on Friday night after a rapid-fire evening of meeting new people snapping photos, and enjoying the hospitality of the Boston Beer Co.

Nora's NOLA Beer Blog

One of Maine's many state slogans is "The Way Life Should Be," and my time in New England so far would bear this sentiment out. The reason I'm here is to attend the Beer Bloggers Conference, held in Boston but with a pre-event excursion in Portland ME and Portsmouth NH.

Kate the Great and Utopias

I'm experimenting with sexier blog post titles! My second day as a Beer Blogger Conference attendee started out with several dozen other sleepy conference attendees boarding a bus on a drizzly Portland morning. We were heading down to Portsmouth, NH to have lunch at the beloved Portsmouth Brewery (and brewpub).

Beer Learnings (Beer Bloggers Conference 2013, Saturday sessions)

Saturday was the main educational component of the Beer Bloggers Conference. For the entire morning we had sessions like "The Current State of Beer Blogging Survey Results" and "Mechanics of Beer Pouring" while conversing on Twitter. I particularly enjoyed the panel of "industry" bloggers - bloggers and social media gurus working for breweries.

Speed Blogging and Harpoon

Speed blogging is pretty much what it sounds like - think speed dating but between brewers and bloggers. And the brewers have beer. And the bloggers write about it. Quickly, though, 'cause you only have 5 minutes with each brewer/beer before the bell tolls and they move on, and a new one moves in.

Final day of the Beer Blogger Conference

Putting the "blogger" in the educational content, the last day of the conference kicked off with 10 different blogger attendees sharing five-minute presentations on the work they do, be it with a specific audience, using a special tool, or working with public or private partner organizations.

Beer Coasters Beer Geekery Issue - Beer Coasters Podcast - Craft Beer Entertainment - A Self-absorbed Beer Show

Friday, August 2, 2013 at 10:21AM It's time to Geek Out! Wait. Don't we do that every week? Well, this week we really geek out with the Stone/Farking/Wheaton w00tstout for the Fermentation Conversation. Because it's geeky(?). Greg from the OC Beer Blog joins in on the geekery and sips some w00t with us.

Top 5 Experiences from the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference

I returned home on Monday from the Beer Bloggers Conference and wow -- what a marathon. I first flew to Boston and immediately bussed up north to spent a couple days with my little brother in Bar Harbor, ME. I then linked up with the pre-conference excursion in Portland, ME, before heading back to Boston for the conference itself.

Beer Bloggers Conference: Boston #BBC13

It was a wonderful, whirlwind few days in Boston for the fourth annual Beer Bloggers Conference-the second I've attended. Shortly after I started this blog in 2010, I found out about the very first conference, which was held in Boulder.

Beer in Florida updates

As I'm writing this Monday, I'm sitting at Boston's Logan Airport, waiting to head back to Florida after the weekend's 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference. I won't bore you with the details of what I learned that will make me a better writer and blogger, but I'd be glad to have that conversation with you in person over a pint if you're interested.

10th Aniversary Utopias od Samuela Adamsa

czyli najdroższe piwo jakie piłem, choć za darmo. Miałem już ze dwa czy trzy razy spróbować Sink the Bismarck z BrewDoga, ale ostatecznie doszedłem do wniosku, że 30 zł za naparstek, to jest jednak bez sensu. Byłem bowiem przekonany, że nie będzie mi smakować i traktowałem to jedynie w kategoriach zaliczenia najmocniejszego piwa w życiu.

Podsumowanie Europejskiej Konferencji Blogerów Piwnych

i sprawy organizacyjne. Tak jak pisałem w sobotę, wróciłem do cywilizacji i do regularnego publikowania. Zaczynam od małego podsumowania ostatnich 3 tygodni, a szczególnie Europejskiej Konferencji Blogerów Piwnych w Edynburgu. Jednocześnie będzie to zapowiedź tego, czego możecie się spodziewać w najbliższych dniach na blogu. Już dziś wieczorem, degustacja Harpoon Hoppy Belgian Blonde.

Beer in Colorado: Boston Beer Bloggers Conference: Part 5

The Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC) kicked-off in the lobby of the Boston Park Plaza where we checked-in, received our name tags, and accumulated some sponsored schwag. It was high-quality schwag, too-giant, pressure-holding, vacuum-insulated, Hydro Flask growlers; next to these wonders of engineering, the everyday, brown glass growler seems as outdated as a Model T.

Beer in Colorado: Boston Beer Bloggers Conference: Part 6

The joys of living at 5,280'-you can guzzle gallons of suds and wake up fresh as an autumn-released IPA when visiting cities at sea-level! Even though I drank my own weight in beer, I awoke groggy from lack of sleep but, otherwise, ready and raring to tackle Day 2 of the Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC).

Beer in Colorado: Boston Beer Bloggers Conference: Part 7

Well, it was her on stage and I got excited for a friend; so sue me. Besides, by my posting this tweet, you know her Twitter handle and can now follow her. A pretty logo and eye-catching front page are nice but you have to keep the audience engaged if you want them to keep coming back.

Beer in Colorado: Boston Beer Bloggers Conference: Part 8

After Live Beer Blogging, we, the Beer Bloggers Conference (BBC) crew, re-boarded our coaches and set-off for Boston's second most famous brewery ( Boston Beer Company AKA Sam Adams being number one): Harpoon Brewery. On a side note, you really get a feel for the erratic, zig-zaggy roads of Boston when, after quite a few drinks, you attempt to use the bathroom on a moving bus.

BBC#13, Part 1: Preconference reception

We gather in Portland ME for a reception to kick off the conference.

BBC#13, Part 2: Preconference dinner

We move from the reception to a beer & food pairing dinner at Sebago's...

BBC#13, Part 3: Preconference Lunch in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

We follow the Atlantic coast from Portsmouth ME to the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge in the Portsmouth Brewery for lunch... and beer.