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Updated by Jennifer Cirino on Oct 10, 2017
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Google Drive Blog: Real time text cursors and other enhancements in Slides

The Docs editors make it easy to work with others on the same file at the same time. And the next time you are working with others on a presentation in Slides, you'll see their names appear next to their cursor as they type-just like in Docs.

Real Time Text Cursors and More Updates for Google Slides

One of the most familiar collaboration features in Google Docs is the ability to see what your fellow collaborators are working on with real-time text cursors. This allows you to see changes as they are being made, and who is making them.

Google Sheets overhaul includes Offline Editing, Speed Improvements and Major Feature Additions

Google announced today that Google Sheets, the spreadsheet tool for Google Drive, is receiving one of the largest updates in recent memory. After adding offline support to the rest of the Google Drive suite in the past year, users will finally be able to edit their Sheets offline, as well.

Google Drive Blog: A new activity stream in Drive shows you what's changed

(Cross-posted from the Official Enterprise Blog) Drive makes group projects easier because everyone can share files and work together. But in today's busy world, it's tough to track the changes to all your shared to-do lists, budgets and presentations, especially when content changes so often.

You can finally select multiple, non-adjacent cells in Google Spreadsheets

One of the biggest concerns we've heard about Google Spreadsheets is that it lacks a lot of the basic features contained in Microsoft Excel. While many of these features can be replicated with workarounds, one major problem (with no real solution) was the inability to select multiple, non-adjacent cells.

100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

by Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online. Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all your study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection.

7 of the Best New Add Ons for Google Docs and Sheets

Yesterday the Google Drive team announced one of the biggest updates to Docs and Sheets that we've seen in a long time. The new Add-ons feature for Docs and Sheets makes it really easy to bring some advanced functionality, or just some missing features, to your most important Drive files.

How to Attach an Email in Gmail

Have you ever referenced a past email while writing a Gmail message? We've noticed that a lot of people would like to include that email as an attachment, rather than just copy and paste the content. Because your Gmail messages are not stored as individual files, there isn't really a way to do this natively in Google Apps.

Google Stops Scanning Student Gmail Accounts for Ads

Google said Wednesday that it stopped scanning student Gmail accounts for advertising purposes after the practice was scrutinized during a recent court case. Google Apps for Education, a free service used by more than 30 million students, teachers and administrators, offers Gmail email accounts, as well as calendars, cloud storage and document creation.

Google Docs and Sheets Apps Take On Mobile Office Rivals

Google just released two new apps, Docs and Sheets, for Android phones and tablets and well as iPhone and iPad. It also promised that Slides, an app for editing PowerPoint-style presentations, would be coming soon. The battle to be your productivity suite is more competitive than ever.

Exploring Google Docs and Sheets on iOS

Google this week released standalone apps for its Docs and Sheets services (with Slides coming soon) for Android and iOS. The apps, which were both previously bundled into the company's Google Drive app, come not long after Microsoft brought its Office productivity suite to the iPhone and iPad.

Create a Hyperlink in Google Sheets

If you're familiar with (or are still using) the old version of Google Spreadsheets, you know that hyperlinking text has never been easy. With the New Google Sheets, you can hyperlink your cells in four easy ways. If making hyperlinking easy wasn't enough, the new Google Sheets also handles email addresses very well.

How to Convert a Spreadsheet to the New Google Sheets

While you can't automatically convert an existing Spreadsheet into the New Google Sheets, there is a really easy workaround that takes no time at all. Hopefully Google will allow us to convert all of our Spreadsheets at some point, but in the mean time this should help out immensely.

Turn your favorite photos and videos into Google+ Stories and Movies

Stories in Google+ takes your best photos and videos, pairs them with the places you visited and when you went, to turn them into an interactive scrap book. If you're on vacation, for example, Stories can put together a collection of your favorite memories before you even get home!

New Google Drive: Saving a Document in Multiple Folders

In the old Google Drive you were able to hold down the Shift key and click on multiple folders that you wanted to organize your files into. In the new Google Drive this does not work. Click once on a file to select the file in Google Drive.

11 Things You Need to Know About the Redesigned Google Drive

Google Drive, once again, has a brand-new look and there are a lot of changes to absorb. While many changes were design and user-experience improvements, Google also added some new functions. Check out the video below for our quick walkthrough, along with a list of some of our favorite changes!

7 Ways to Customize Gmail, Add Features and Save Time

If you're using Gmail or Google Apps, chances are you are spending a majority of your day inside of your inbox. We've posted a lot of tips about how you can cut down on the time you spend in there, but what if you want to go the opposite direction?

If you're using Gmail or Google Apps, chances are you are spending a majority of your day inside of your inbox. We've posted a lot of tips about how you can cut down on the time you spend in there, but what if you want to go the opposite direction?

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