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Agile software development

Agile software development videos. Not including tools or vendors or promotions

Why Agile Projects Fail - And What to Do About It

As Agile continues to grow in popularity, the organisations getting the biggest benefits from their Agile transitions are the ones who apply agile practices at both the development and enterprise levels. In this short video NetObjectives CEO Alan Shalloway shares some tips and strategies for delivering value to customers quicker, getting an earlier return on investment and significantly increasing the chances of success on Agile projects.

How to Have More Power and Greater Influence at Work

Everyone knows how important it is to have a degree of personal power and influence at work -- especially when introducing or undergoing agile transition. Because without power or influence (regardless of whether you want to make small or big changes) you're likely to go unheard.

How to Innovate Like Google

There's no denying that Google are a market leading, forward thinking company. And if you've ever wondered how they keep coming up with innovative products and services, watch this. Because in this video keynote speaker and Senior Engineering Director Patrick Copeland reveals Google's innovation and agile transition strategies.

Microsoft's Quality Assurance and Agile Transition Strategies

In today's highly competitive environment high quality is no longer an optional consideration - it's a 'must'. Especially since quality is no longer determined only by what we are developing, but also by user's constantly evolving expectations. In this video keynote speaker and Microsoft Bing Program Manager, Ken Johnston, reveals Microsoft's quality assurance and agile transition strategies.

How to Make Your Entire Organisation Agile

In today's highly competitive environments, more companies are recognising that in order to get maximum benefits from the agile development process it's important that the entire organisation is operating in a lean, value-streaming way. In this short video Rob Myers from the Agile Institute explains why it's in an organisations' best interest to adopt 'enterprise agility'.

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Uploaded by Agile TV on 2012-09-07.

How to Define Agile Requirements

Although understanding and defining user requirements is fundamental to delivering successful agile projects, this is often one of the hardest areas to get right. In this video Ken Pugh from NetObjectives explains the Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) process for clarifying user requirements, improving quality and significantly cutting development costs.

How to Estimate Agile Projects Accurately

Ever struggled to accurately estimate agile projects or user stories? In this video keynote speaker and agile coach David Hussman shares an effective approach that results in more accurate agile estimates. For more agile transition resources and videos, visit (This interview was originally recorded at the Agile Developement Conference and Better Software Conference West in Las Vegas.

An Agille Approach to Developing Higher Quality Software & Products

In today's highly competitive environment quality is an essential buying consideration. And as a result it is now more important than ever to ensure we are not just developing the right thing, but we are also developing the 'right thing' right.

How to Resolve Testing Bottlenecks on Agile Projects

Anyone who has worked on agile projects will know how hard it can be to run tests in agile environments. One reason is because test cases are not always automate-able. Another reason is because sometimes tests can fall outside the current sprint. In this video agile consultant Bob Galen shares some proven techniques for making agile testing easier.

A Creative Approach to Agile Software Development

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create innovative, cutting edge software that gives your company a competitive advantage? In this short video Mark Levinson -- the 'Neuro Agilist' -- shares an original and very interesting approach to agile software development.

Identifying & Breaking Down Barriers to Agile Transition...

Anyone who has tried to introduce agile into an organisation - or has been involved in agile transition - will know that going 'agile' is not easy; in fact, it can be really hard. In this short video, international Agile coach Gil Broza provides some tips on how to deal with the 'people' (management and team) side of agile transition.

How to Create Good User Stories...

A common question that keeps coming up in regards to agile software development - especially from Business Analysts - is; "How do you write good user stories?" In this short video, story mapping pioneer and agile expert Jeff Patton shares the exact formula for creating good user stories - and which common mistakes to avoid.

Beyond Agile Software Development...

Agile is most popular for its application in the software development process. But were you aware that agile is just as effective at getting desired results in other areas of business? In this short video, Denny de Waard from iSense Prowareness shares a few tips on how to use Scrum to achieve more sales and increase your profits.

Failing Your Way To Success With Agile Software Development

There are many reasons why organisations resist the change from waterfall agile software development processes. And one of those reasons is fear of failure - because most people do not like failing. But could it be that failure is an important factor that leads to success in agile adoption?

The Changing Role of Agile Project Managers

With the introduction of agile software development and self-organising teams, many people question whether managers are still needed within agile environment.

How To Build Collaborative Agile Teams!

As you already know, the agile manifesto places great value on 'individuals and interactions over processes and tools'. And successful agile projects are built around collaborative teams. But what does it really take to build effective teams that accelerate delivery, align business and market needs with IT and generate competitive advantage?

Scrum Co-Creator Reveals How to Overcome Resistance to Agile Software Development!

One of the biggest problems most people encounter when transitioning from waterfall to agile, is how to get their customers to fully commit and engage in the agile process. In this short video, original Agile Manifesto author and Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland shares a simple, proven strategy for quickly getting managment & clients to adopt agile software development.

How To Make Agile Work in Government, Public Sectors & Heavily Bureaucratic Organisations

In March 2011 the UK Government released their ICT strategy, outlining the governments ambitions to adopt agile software development methods. Since then, many are of the view that agile cannot work in the public sector because of the bureaucratic and red tape constraints.

To Prenup or Not To Prenup - That Is The Question (an Agile Perspective)!

Most businesses rely on contracts to protect their interests. But what if there was a better, more profitable way for an organisation to protect their interests - and make more money in the process? Watch this short video to discover an alternative approach that builds long term relationships and will do wonders for your career.

The Key To Getting What You Want...

To succeed in business - and in life - not only is it important to know exactly what your customer wants, but also how to give it to them. In this video you'll discover how to quickly deliver valuable, working software that meets your customer's most important business need.

How To Get More From Your Project Teams

It's a known fact that strong, cohesive teams are essential to the success of any project. In this short video we explore the one small thing proven to make a BIG difference to your teams performance and project outcomes.

Ignoring This Could Cost You Dearly...

The Agile Manifesto values "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". But what does that mean and why is it important to the success of our projects? In this video we explore this concept in more detail... In this video we explore

The 'Agile' Revolution Will Be Televised! AgileTV provides organisations and individuals with practical strategies, resources and tools proven to significantly reduce the risk associated with the transition from Waterfall to Agile software development. 'Agile Newbies' and 'Seasoned Agilists' alike visit Agile TV to find the latest real life, experienced based Agile information.

An Introduction to Agile Software Development...

There's no doubt that Agile software development is becoming more widespread by the day. Facebook, Apple, Mircosoft, Google and NASA are all doing it. In fact, so is any company wanting to do well in today's world of rapid change and continuing aggressive competition.