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Updated by Ruth Herman Wells on Nov 04, 2013
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Most Effective Cyberbullying Posters

If you've been looking for better cyberbullying posters, Youth Change Workshops has the creative, more effective posters you need in your classroom and school. Check out the top-selling cyberbullying posters based on sales to schools and teachers. See them all here:

#289 School Poster with a Message

Poster #289 This school poster is perfect for classrooms but it belongs on counselors' walls too. It says "Don't let others stop you from being who you are because of who they are." The rainbow colors will draw your students' eyes to Poster #289 and deliver your message of resiliency and persistence.

(d13) Poster #304- School Poster with Quote

Poster #304 This classroom/school poster says "There are billions of people on earth. Why do you let one ruin your life?" If you work in a classroom, school, treatment center, counseling office, nurse's office, foster home, recreation center, after-school program, special education site or guidance office, this poster was created for your middle and high school students.

(d46) Poster #337- Inspirational Counseling Message Poster for Students

Poster #337 This sweet, inspirational, thought-provoking message poster is perfect for teens who are struggling with loneliness, isolation, sadness, loss, death, bullying, gossip or cliques. It also might be just the right poster to comfort and assist adolescents who have gone through a break-up, dispute or family conflict.

#294 School Poster: Student Gossip

Poster #294 School posters should all be as eye-catching as Poster #294. This social skills poster provides a constant reminder not to gossip or be mean to other students. It is the perfect poster for school halls, classrooms, counseling rooms, and wherever elementary, middle and high school students congregate.

Too Cool Bullying Poster

Classroom bullying poster is lively and unexpected, and gets the job done.

Cyberbullying Prevention Poster That Works has posters for today's students. Stop the bullying and cyberbullying with Youth Change's Poster 278.

Classroom Cartoon Poster Helps Prevent Bullying

Colorful and creative, Poster 100 is one of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops' best selling anti-bullying posters.

Funny Youth Change Bullying Prevention Poster Works

Poster 97 from Youth Change is so silly it will command students' attention and help deliver your anti-bullying message.

Funny Middle School Poster Rocks

What a fresh, different approach to helping students manage cliques and peer pressure especially pressure to bully or torment other students. It's a top seller at Youth Change,

Cyberbullying Prevention Poster for Classrooms

Hard to ignore, Poster 285 is a best seller at Youth Change's site, Just $8, it can help you stop bullying in class.

Classroom Poster Helps Prevent Cyber-Bullying

Students need to know that cyber-bullying is a crime. Remind them with Youth Change's Poster 280. See many more eye-openers at

Elementary, Middle, High School Stop Cyberbullying Poster

Another best seller for Youth Change, the plantive message on Poster 287 can reach victims of bullying and cyberbullying. See many more here:

Awesome, Must-See Student Behavior Poster

Help your bullies understand that they will not be able to act like bullies in the work place. Poster 145 uniquely delivers that message in an unforgettable way. See many more posters at