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Updated by Phil Gerbyshak on Dec 19, 2013
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ShutUpShow Podcasts To Be

We're going to be releasing podcasts at the rate of 5-7 per month. We'd love to know which of our episodes you're dying to hear, so let us know.

AJ Leon Helps Us Define Our Moments So They Don't Define Us - Episode 10

How do you go from being an insanely successful financial executive in Manhattan, with a six-figure salary and corner office, to quitting your job four days before your wedding because the thought of becoming that guy for the rest of your life scares the crap out of you?

Greg Hartle Teaches Us How to Succeed Starting From Scratch - Episode 11

What would you do if you had to start over? From scratch. You have no access to your current resources. You have no home. No car. All you have is ten dollars and a laptop. How would you begin rebuilding your life? Sounds crazy scary, doesn't it?

Death, Sex and Fear: What the Hell Dat Phan? - Episode 15

The world of stand-up comedy can be very difficult to bear. Balancing a taxing lifestyle and overcoming rejection are two very obvious challenges a comedian must face. But what about the real big stuff we're afraid to talk about? Such as death, poverty, and declining health.

How to Be Whole-Assed & Awesome at Online Business Like Paul Jarvis - Episode 23

If you're Srini of BlogcastFM, we owe ya 5 bucks (how 'bout a hard beverage next time we see you?) for helping us book this guest in record time. For everyone else, this episode packs thousands of more value than that after you hear what Paul Jarvis shared with Phil and me in our chat.

Love in the Time of the Owner with Chris Brogan - Episode 25

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Today's episode marks a very important milestone in Phil's and my journey... we are now 25 episodes old! We couldn't think of a more fitting guest than Phil's brother-from-another-mother (Hi Diane!) and my long lost cousin (Hi #KTCO!), Chris Brogan.

Erika Napoletano On Getting UNstuck and to a Better Version of F*ck Yeah - Episode 28

Today's guest has been described by Forbes as "a redheaded, tattooed Tina Fey with a special weakness for four letter words." You'll see why when you watch this episode. It's a good thing our shows are uncensored and unedited to give you the full effect.

Scott Ginsberg on Shutting Up and Not Giving a Shit - Episode 2

The whole premise for started many years before my co-host Phil and I ever met. Say what?! Yes, it's true. Find out more about that serendipitous story as Phil and I interview Scott Ginsberg, the only person in the entire world who wears a nametag 24-7, whose "shut up and don't give a shit" philosophy became the impetus for The Shut Up Show.

John Haydon Helps us Flip Our Middle Finger to Fear and Doubt - Episode 9

When Phil suggested we interview John Haydon for our show, I immediately did a Google search and within seconds responded with "YES!" You'll understand why after you watch this episode.

Go-Givers Have More Fun (and Make More Money) with Bob Burg - Episode 24

Phil and I were absolutely thrilled to chat with our good friend Bob Burg, a highly acclaimed national speaker and bestselling author. In our chat with Bob, we talked about being pushed out of your comfort zone and shifting from an already established career to launch projects that are more enjoyable.

Talking Good Systems & Processes with Lifelong Software Entrepreneur Stewart Rogers - Episode 33

In today's episode, Phil and I have the pleasure of hanging out with Stewart Rogers whom we were referred to by our friend Brandie McCallum. Thank you Brandie! Stewart takes us back to days as a kid hanging out in a Tandy store where he read programming books cover-to-cover teaching himself BASIC at 7 years old.

Crossing the Bridge from Fear to Fantastic with George P. Kansas - Episode 34

George P. Kansas joins Phil and me from his hotel room in Seattle. Yes, he stopped EVERYTHING he was doing to jump in a hangout with us when he could have been sojourning the Pacific Northwest with Greg Hartle whom, by the way, lied to George that this was his big TV moment.

Finding Freedom On Your Plate, in Prison and Poverty with Meg Worden - Episode 36

If you've ever asked yourself the dreaded question we all ask before taking that huge leap of faith as an entrepreneur, small business owner or creator of your own destiny, "What's the worst that can happen?" then I promise you today's episode is going to have you at the edge of your seat.

Family, Love and Wellness Revolution with Israel Smith - Episode 41

Far too often we can get caught up in being doing-machines. Trying to afford a lavish lifestyle we believe our family wants. Getting disconnected from the people who matter most to us because we've now become married to our jobs. It's this endless cycle of "the more we do, the more we get."

Amy Clover Moves Us to Be Strong Inside Out - Episode 7

Today on our show, we had a blast catching up with Amy Clover, my sister-from-another-mister (yes, I'm 12). Amy had me at "Why not me?" while I was listening to an interview she gave earlier this year to promote her 30Ă—30 Project.

Craig Price Gives Us a Reality Check & Lots of Laughs - Episode 16

What do you do when you're an introvert who talks about negativity and has no answers for a lot of questions you're asked? You start a podcast featuring subject matter experts and approach strangers every day asking them to have a conversation with you. Well, at least that's what our friend Craig Price did.

Susan Baroncini-Moe Breaks World Records & Runs a Profitable Business in Blue Jeans - Episode 18

It's not often we get to feature on our show a Guinness World Records® record holder who has shared the stage with business giants like Michael E. Gerber, Larry Winget, Bob Burg, David Meerman Scott, Michael Port, Chris Brogan, Scott Stratten, our very own Phil Gerbyshak, among other business and marketing bestselling authors, speakers, and thought leaders.

From Foe to Friend: Jia Jiang's Love Story with Rejection - Episode 19

Jia Jiang stole the stage recently at World Domination Summit when he got up in front of 3000 entrepreneurs to talk about how his failed startup took him from a downward spiral of depression to finding hope through 100 Days of Rejection Therapy.

Catherine Morgan Helps Us Get from Point A to Point B - Episode 20

Never in the history of any Shut Up Show episode have Phil and I sat down to chat with a fellow coach/consultant/speaker until today. Aside from Catherine Morgan being Phil's super smart accountability coach, she is a wonderful friend and amazing human being inside and out.

Matthew Kimberley Helps Us Get a Grip & More Clients - Episode 22

Back in 2011, I downloaded a free report from some marketing coaching guy man whose writing made my brain hurt and face blush at the same time. In a "Wow that's some good shit" kind of way, of course.

Think Like a Stripper, Build a Thriving Business with Erika Lyremark - Episode 26

If you think it got hot in Donald Trump's board room, you ain't seen nothing yet. Phil and I had the amazing pleasure to chat with one of the most unique (and hottest) entrepreneurs we've ever featured on The SHUT UP Show.

Standing Out Online & Hustling Your Face Off with Mars Dorian - Episode 27

Our featured guest today wins for being the most enthusiastic and charismatic person we've ever had on The SHUT UP Show. Phil and I got nothin' on our friend Mars Dorian. With such an appropriate name, Mars radiated in our conversation as he shared awesome business wisdom and visual storytelling tips on building a STAND OUT brand.

From Mediocre to Millions with The Small Business Guru Melody Campbell - Episode 30

After a nasty divorce left her with no "oomph" and extremely broken-hearted, Melody Campbell learned how to pick up the broken pieces of her life to rebuild her confidence and a flailing million dollar business. It was far from an overnight success. In fact, Melody confesses in this episode that she barely survived for 8 years.

Be the Master of Disaster (and Crisis Management) Like Shelby Edwards - Episode 31

Thanks to our former guest and friend Paul Jarvis, Phil and I got introduced to one of the funniest people we've ever met in disaster and crisis management. I know what you're thinking. Funny and disasters do NOT belong in the same sentence. Typically they haven't, but lucky for us, Shelby Edwards has changed that general perception.

Karen Putz aka @DeafMom on Putting Your Feet Back in the Water - Episode 35

Today's episode is crazy special to Phil and me. We wanted to accommodate our good friend Karen Putz, aka @DeafMom on Twitter, by allowing her to opt-out of a Google Hangout and meet with us via phone conference instead so we could accommodate her needs. Karen said, "I want to see your faces!"

Transforming Your Body and Life with Sheila Viers - Episode 38

Today's episode features a fellow entrepreneur I met in 2011 thanks to an introduction made by our awesome friend and former guest Greg Hartle. Sheila Viers and her husband Ryan are the brains and hearts behind Live Well 360, a blog centered on "getting healthy" once and for all.