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gift ideas coffee drinkers

Here are a list of holiday gift ideas coffee drinkers and other times too. Including coffee gift basket ideas.

5 Mistakes Coffee Drinkers Make

Even though you have a cup every day, you may still be surprised to learn how it's affecting you (and your mood and your sleep...). 1. Not Realizing That Coffee's Power Over Women Waxes and Wanes What you do: You get the same-size brew every day of the month.

Coffee Drinking Statistics

Coffee Drinking Statistics Total percentage of Americans over the age of 18 that drink coffee everyday 54% Average size of coffee cup 9 ounces Average price of an espresso-based drink $2.45 Average price for cup of brewed coffee $1.38 Total percentage of coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee black 35% Total percentage of coffee consumption that takes place during breakfast hours 65% Total amount of money spent by importing coffee to U.S.

What does your coffee say about you? Cappuccino-lovers are more likely

Black coffee drinkers like things simple, but can also be quiet and moody Instant coffee fans shamed as too laid back and likely to put things off By Chris Pleasance PUBLISHED: 18:44 EST, 19 September 2013 | UPDATED: 18:44 EST, 19 September 2013 The type of coffee you drink could reflect your personality, according to new research.

Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Your morning cup of coffee may start to taste even better after a major government study found that frequent coffee drinkers have a lower risk of dying from a variety of diseases, compared with people who drink little or no coffee.

Gift Ideas Coffee Drinkers

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Best gift ideas for coffee drinkers

Best gift ideas for coffee drinkers by howick on

Gift Ideas Coffee Drinkers

Here is a list of the best gift ideas for coffee lovers and drinkers. They'll make ideal gifts for the holidays, Christmas and birthdays.

Gift Ideas Coffee Drinkers

Here are the best gift ideas for coffee drinkers and lovers for the holidays and birthdays. With links to customer reviews and ratings. Includes coffee gift baskets.