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Tabletop Backgammon Set

The best tabletop backgammon sets for men entertainment with family and friends.

Backgammon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Backgammon ( Persian: تخته نرد‎ Takhte-Nard, Persian pronunciation: ) is one of the oldest board games for two players. The playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a player wins by removing all of his pieces from the board before his opponent.

Backgammon Rules

How to play backgammon. How to set up a backgammon board. Starting position. Object of the game. Scoring in backgammon. Doubling cube. Gammons and backgammons. Optional rules. Irregularities.




Backgammon is a game for two players, played on a board consisting of twenty-four narrow triangles called points. The triangles alternate in color and are grouped into four quadrants of six triangles each. The quadrants are referred to as a player's home board and outer board, and the opponent's home board and outer board.

How to Play Backgammon : Setting Up the Board for the Game of Backgammon

Learn how to set up a backgammon board in this free how-to video lesson on how to play backgammon. Expert: Grady Johnson Bio: Grady Johnson is an actor, director and producer who has performed and worked in the theatre for over 25 years. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson