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WebSummit 2013 People I met

Here's a list of people I met during the Summit 30-31 October 2013.
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Donal Cahalane Trustev Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A friend from Cork - was leader of TweetMeetTuesday for ages - all round superb egg - big into Twitter the company - huge helper of entrepreneurial startups.
Twitter @donal_cahalane
He was one of the key people behind Startup Express train.
We met on the train. We bumped into each other on the floor, in bars & in the Media centre.

Celtic Whiskey Shop

I tasted whiskey at the Summit.

Can't remember which one but is was good to find this shop & take a few snaps - including one for @documentally .
Twitter: @celticwhiskey
"Located at 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Celtic Whiskey Shop is managed by Ally Alpine who has twenty five years experience in the trade along with a very talented and friendly staff. Darragh,Michael, Seamus, Derek, Al and Stephen are the regular staff who serve up in-store whiskey tastings all day, every day!"

Stephen & David (twins) The Happy Pear

Without these guys @thehappypear , I'd have had a miserable Summit. They served me fabulous smoothies - loads of them. Other food too.

Not only was the food special - but the style with which they chatted with people reminded me of the book "Fish" by Stephen C. Lundin.
"The Happy Pear is a natural food market in Greystones, Co. Wicklow with an organic and non-organic produce section, a café and restaurant, a world-class juice & smoothie bar, and a dried goods section. We also cater at large music festivals, cater for small parties and teach fun and lively healthy eating education courses."

Mike Anderson - Nothing But EPIC - Director | Creating Moments that Make History

Nothing But EPIC | Creating Moments that Make History"

Aidan Duggan SpeakTalkChat

We first met on train to Dublin & sat together during the journey.
We also met & chatted on Day 2 while Aidan was exhibiting.
Twitter: @speaktalkchat
" is a Social Chatting Media which allows members to videochat or chat together based on their shared interests and shared languages.
... a ‘Social Change Project’. We believe that creating a forum for people to chat through their languages helps to provide a platform for greater understanding of each other and one another’s cultures.
SpeakTalkChat has a special interest in endangered, minority and regional languages. It is our view that the loss of languages poses a grave risk to our cultures and our future wellbeing."

Startup Express Trainful

Trustev @trustev was inspired to lay on a special train to take people from Cork to Dublin.
Microsoft, VoxPro & other companies sponsored it.

Paul Collins Owner Ballywire Media

We first met at CorkMeet 2009.

We met in the media lunch room upstairs on Day 2.

Twitter : @paulcollinstipp
"Looking to create unique content for your website? Want to maximise online exposure from your pr event? Looking for a HD TV News Crew in Ireland? Then let us help you with that. We have a wide range of case studies across news, sport, entertainment and business to highlight how our digital newsroom can assist in getting your message out."

James Corbett MissionV Co-Founder

We'd been in touch via Twitter before meeting on Day 1 : @eirepreneur
His mission is to bring virtual reality into Irish classrooms.
"MissionV is providing a highly creative, totally immersive, game based learning environment for schools and industry. We're putting the focus on 21st century skills, helping students to become original digital creators with 3D modeling and programming skills. MissionV allows students to connect, create and collaborate in a 3D world entirely of their own making."

Beatrice Whelan Sage One

We met at their stand. @beatricewhelan "Social Media & Content Specialist @sageireland. Co-organiser of @blogawardsie."
Sage One produced an excellent paper guide to the Summit stages. They also charged my iPhone.
"Sage One is a family of online accounting & business services for small businesses."

Will Martin

We met on the train from Cork to Dublin. We also met at the Spotify party on the evening of Day 1 - or was it the Dyn party?
Pitch Contest Website

Ola Agbaimoni Eélan Media

We met by accident on the afternoon of Day 1. We had a good long chat & I was grabbed by her "Business Hug Day" - coming soon.
Eélan Media is based in London.
She's called The Business Detective... @OlaAgbaimoni
"We help you to woo, wow and win over your customers!" - a different type of marketing :)

Fergal Murphy JumpFilms

We met on Day 1. Fergal told me they use Facebook rather than Twitter @jumpfilms
Video Production Company | Dublin Ireland : award winning media production company, founded 2007 located in Dublin, specialize in creating video content & advertising for Internet + TV, web commercials, corporate videos, viral & promotional videos - everything from scripting to storyboard, filming + editing. We offer new exciting ways to attract target audience. Just that little Edge that will get you noticed. passionate about our work it shows in each project Working at a pace that will suit you, we believe all our work should be entertaining, alluring & engaging... getting your message across to target audience..

Mary Rodgers Stateside Solutions CEO

We met on Day 1 & recorded a podcast together.
I was delighted to find out Mary knows Trevor Winckworth CEO InHandGuides (great client).
Mary Rodgers was named one of Tatler Magazine’s Women of Influence.
"Executive Search: Stateside Solutions are the go to firm for executive search. We seek out best talent for our clients & guide them through the hiring process from interview to on-boarding.
Stateside Starter Program: offers piece of mind to companies entering USA, our checklist encompasses all details needed to set up in USA & eliminates the hassle & worry."
Twitter: @statesideportal

Sean McVeigh VoxLoc Director & Co-Founder

We met for first time while I was wandering around startups on Day 2.
"Our voice biometric solution keeps your customer present regardless of where they are, what language they speak, or how they complete their transaction. In our process, customers use their voice to generate a voiceprint which is unique and cannot be mimicked or copied. Our process is simple, secure and easy to integrate."

Chris Barrett Founder

We first met at lunchtime on day 2 - when @ChrisBarrett was with the Founder of Jolicloud.
"PRserve is the first PR agency that actually delivers at a low cost. In the past, I've worked with 5 PR agencies and spent over $150,000 and none of them have gotten the results of PRserve."

Pat Phelan CEO Trustev

We met on the Startup Express train Pat got Microsoft Voxpro to sponsor from Cork to Dublin...
Trustev excited the Summit - announced it had raised €3m from 5 investors.

"Trustev's real-time online identity verification eliminates fraud from your e-commerce transactions. Let our rigorous authentication technologies deal with fraudsters, so you can serve your real customers."

Ciaran Maguire MD

"Ireland's greatest nightlife app
- Discover nightclubs, drinks promotions & the latest events on your phone!
Save money & have a great night out with"

Micheal O Gruagain eCommerce Product Manager AIB Merchant Services

We first met in Cork train station before travelling to Dublin on the StartupExpress.
"One of Europe's largest providers of card services for your business - credit card processing, debit card processing and online payment processing"

Federico De Simone CEO Makoo

From Treviso Italy : @makoo_jewels
"materialize your emotions"
"Makoo allows you to materialize your emotions by creating a unique jewel only with your own voice."

Jayne Ronayne | Konnect Again | Head Honcho | CEO

"Extracting the hidden value of Alumni" - good & clear.
Met her on train to Dublin from Cork. She's @janesara20 - moving the business HQ to UK

Neha Manaktala Vizibee Co-founder COO

We met briefly when the words "shared trusted video" captured my attention.
"Neha focuses on corporate strategy, business development; finance and monetization; fundraising & investor relations".
"Vizibee - The Video Broadcaster
Most recent, exclusive, engaging, mobile video from trusted sources. Mobile platform for journalists & publishers to capture, break & share short-form quality video with audience"

Daniel Zaturansky Powtoon Co-Founder & COO

PowToon has one of the best strap lines I found: "Brings Awesomeness to your presentations"
- "an online business presentation software tool that allows you to create free, cool, & awesome animated video explainers as an alternative to using powerpoint"

Mario Gil Dipoo CEO + Co-Founder

We met first at Cork train station & travelled to Dublin on the special train.
He's @mariogil24

Basma Al Banna Sirkil Co-Founder & Creative Director

From New Cairo, Egypt - "business match-makers"
A great photo was taken :)

Michael Acton Smith Co-Founder Mind Candy

We met on Day 2 - by accident. Michael made a podcast with me during Websummit 2012. He is a most delightful & respectful man.
"I like making things. Co-founded/founded Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters, Perplex City, Firebox, Berwickstock, Silicon Drinkabout & London"