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Updated by Srikar Sumanth on Jun 19, 2014
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Technology Apps and Tips & Tricks

List of useful apps and softwares that can help us in our daily tech needs. And also Technology Tips and Trciks


Upgrading of Android Phones - A Makeover in Mobile Technology

Upgrading of Android : Android is one of the most well known and popular platforms for mobile devices which enable the user to make use of a plethora of Google applications as well as allowing the user to play games and access the vast arena of entertainment.

Five Simple Internet Security Tips Everyone Should Follow

Internet Security Tips: Internet is not at all a safe place anymore. Every important detail we save here can be exposed with an ease with or without our consent. Hackers and Crackers, both are really working hard to deface the Internet.

Google Search Engine Alternatives that offers Additional Privacy

Google Search Engine Alternatives Google is the most dominant search engine at present on the internet now. More than 85% of the internet relies on Google search engine(exclude China). But most of us don't know that Google uses our information and statistics to deliver us the right kind of services and advertisements.

Top 6 Apps to turn your Windows 8 Laptop into a Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot

Introduction: Sharing your Wi-Fi or Internet Connection with other devices seems to be a tedious task but it's actually easy if we know the correct methods to implement. If you want to share your PC or Laptop's wired internet connection on your Smartphone, Tablet or with your friends there are two methods.

Beginners Guide to Choose Web Hosting

Introduction: You have a website and you want to make it visible for the world? Welcome to the club. Nowadays it seems that almost everyone has a website, no matter if it comes to a personal or a company one.

Top 3 Free Streaming Music Services You Should'nt Miss

You may know a lot about the music streaming services online. Most popular of them are Soundcloud, Grooveshark, etc., If you are using only some of these services or if you don't want to listen music online for free, then you are missing out these three awesome new music streaming services.

Analyze your Youtube Videos Performance for Free using Strike Social

Most of us has atleast one youtube channel. Some may have videos or some may not have at all. However for those who had videos, analyzing the perfromance of their videos throughout social media would be helpful to grow their channel and subscribers.

Top 10 Craziest and Evil Scientists in the History of Mankind

Science is the one thing that changed the course of humans to a brighter path. Of course we can't ignore the hard work of scientists. They are like aleins on Earth trying to achieve success at what they do. But there are some who will do anything to prove themselves true and to become successfull.

Tips for Designing an Ecommerce Store

Introduction: Due to advances in modern technology, anyone can now set up and run an online Ecommerce store. However, success in ecommerce does not come automatically. To attract customers, boost your sales and make profits, you need to have a well-designed ecommerce site.

Tips to Secure your Android Device

Android is arguably the most popular Platform. When compared to other platforms such as iOS,Windows 8, more than 70% of users are used to Android. This increased popularity in a short span of time had resulted in increased threats. So It is truly said that where there are pros, cons automatically arise.

World's First Television Ad Video

The Video presented here is the World's First actual Television Video Advertisement. It's first aired in United States of America on July 1st 1941. It's a 10 second Video promoting the Company Bulova. Bulova is a luxury manufacturer of watches,clocks,jewellery and had been founded in New York 132 years before.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for the Absolute Beginner

Did you just install WordPress and you literally don't know the right plugins to use? Listed below are plugins that will aid your blogging career. But before I make a list of these plugins I will quickly explain what it means.

Best Five Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8

FiveIn one of our Previous Posts we have seen about "Top 5 Free Antivirus Softwares for your Windows PC." Today in this article we will concentrate on "Five Best Antivirus Softwares" especially for the Windows 8.

Top 5 Youtube Channels To Learn Science in a Better Way

Science is a vast subject. Actually there is no end to it. But understanding science is not that easy especially the Physics part. May be you are a Post Graduate but accept that still you have some doubts.But to understand Science you don't have to be Stephen Hawking or Einstein.

Five ways to increase your website traffic

Why every website owner wants to increase his site's traffic more and more everytime? Simple because more Traffic more Money. If you have more good and unique content then traffic increases itself just by mouth talk and a little effort. But no other task in this internet world is as hard as increasing the traffic of a website.

Must know Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts definitely saves our time and increases our productivity. Windows key is termed as the less used button of the keyboard. But it sure has many uses that saves most of our time. Windows + E : Starts Windows Explorer (My Computer). Windows + D : Minimizes all Windows.

Sites to learn Web Programming Online

Want to learn Web Designing or Programming, In this article i provide you the top most sites online which helps you to learn web programming for free. Whether you're just a beginner or a novice expert these sites will be helpful to you in one way or the other.

Ten Helpful Tips for Designing Mobile Websites

Introduction: The use of mobile device is increasing daily. Consumers refer to use the internet from their mobile device for any purpose like for social media, reading their favourite blogs and articles, or making purchases from ecommerce sites. Therefore, it is important to provide smooth, slick mobile websites that these users can navigate and use as much as possible.

Top 3 Free Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photos and Images helps secure most of our life's sweet memories. Photo editing apps for Android enhances those images of your's to the best level. But not every app is free on the Google Play store. So in this post i give you the top 3 recommendations of the free Photo Editing Apps for Android that are even better than the paid apps.

The DNA Chips for Advanced Computing

It's 2013! Almost 70 years have passed since the first electronic general purpose computer-ENIAC was made. But the last decade has witnessed a tremendous advancement of personal computing as well as multipurpose super computers. We have most advanced hardwares and accessories for our pc and of course memory devices are now at terabyte range.

Top 5 Free Antivirus Softwares for your Windows PC

Maintaining a Windows Pc without any virus is somewhat difficult, but it is very easy if we have a good antivirus. But popular Antivirus softwares such as Quick Heal, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton etc are not avaiable for free. They are very expensive because of the features and protection they provide

Learn Foreign Languages Online for Free

Want to learn Foreign languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, French, German etc . But could'nt afford to waste a lot of money and time learning them. Then i have a perfect solution for the guys like you. Learn foreign languages completely free of cost and that too when you're having some free time.

Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1

Many of us may have switched to the new Windows 8.1 Preview and experienced the new features of it . But there is one real problem which bugs you most in Windows 8 is "How to Boot Straight to Desktop." We have used different third party apps and softwares to boot straight to desktop in Windows 8.

Trick to turn your browser as a temporary notepad using single line of html

Sometimes many of us wanted to write some quick notes like phone numbers, contact names, addresses and more temporary content which we do not prefer much to save. And 85% of the world's population is using internet as one of their livelihood.

Top 5 Free Tools to keep your Windows PC Clean and Fast

To prevent viruses and anti-malware in a windows pc there are many antivirus solutions available. For example Avast, Kaspersky, QuickHeal, McAfee, Norton, Avira and the name goes on and on. But in case of keeping the pc clean from the unwanted clutter and to make it fast, only few free productivity softwares are available.