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Updated by Cheryl Ragsdale on Jun 19, 2014
Headline for Be A Kid (Adult) Against Bullying
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Be A Kid (Adult) Against Bullying

Add your first name below to honor this pledge. Add in your own comments if you want to be specific about what actions you will take to defend yourself or another person from a bully.

As a kid (adult) against bullying, I will: Speak up when I see bullying, reach out to others who are bullied, and be a friend whenever I see bullying happening.



Being a Witness

Being a Witness

I'm signing this pledge and agreeing to be an observer to watch and see what happens during a bullying event. As a witness, I will acknowledge that bullying has happened or not. As a friend, I will listen and support. As an ally, I'll get help ~ Cheryl

Help Kids Stand Up to Bullying #RaiseAGiant

Bullying is a topic that hits too close to home. It's unfortunate. It's painful. It's heartbreaking.

That’s why I’m sharing this important message about how we can all take small and simple – but meaningful – steps to stand up to bullying – and stop bullying now.

Teen shares experience of being bullied to help others

We have seen in the news too often about teens being cyber bullied. Even worse, a growing number of young people have taken their life because of what they are going through. Today the Adams County Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy hosted a cyber-bullying summit at the Adams County Department of Emergency Services building.

Name Calling, Insults and Teasing

This past Wednesday, my wife and I went to Ithaca to see the emotionally charged play, "From White Plains." The title is meant to suggest plain white kids from a suburb. As the lights first brighten the stage, thirty-year old Dennis hears that he has won the Oscar for his film based on the bullying...

Should Boys Fight Back? Or Walk Away?

Full disclosure: My 13-year-old son served a one-day in-school suspension this week. His crime? Fighting. Sort of. Yes, he physically tackled another kid in gym class, and no, the class topic was not football. Class hadn't even started yet when another boy-who, I later learned, has been harassing my kid for months-grabbed the hat off [...]