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Quick Halloween Costumes

Looking for a quick Costume Idea or Kids


Bat Costume

Bat Costume

Materials Needed:
• Black Sweatsuit (with hood)
• Black Umbrella
• Black Felt
• Safety Pins or Needle and Thread
• Scissors
• Instructions:
Start out by Removing the handle from the umbrella and then cutting the umbrella in half. This will be your bat wings. You will probably have to use some tools or even a saw to disassemble the umbrella.
• Sew or use safety pins to attach the cut edge of the umbrella to the back of the arms of a black sweatshirt. Make sure that there are no sharp edges.
• Cut ears out of black felt and use needle and thread or safety pins to attach the ears to the hood of the sweatshirt.
• If you do not have an umbrella, you can cut mini wings out of felt and pin them in place.


Mummy Face Make-Up

Mummy Face Make-Up
Ghastly Ghoul Face Painting

The power of this face makeup is in the shadowing. When a child dons a hooded cape, the black contouring sinks into the skin and the white pops, making for a downright eerie look.

Hilarious and Easy Costume!

Watch more Halloween craft videos -- Subscribe to the BHG Channel -- Try this easy DIY homemade Halloween costume as a fun project for you and your kids. Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make an easy static clean kid's Halloween costume.


5 Minute Costume!

5 Minute Costume!

Anyone can be a grape bunch!


Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume

Materials Needed:
• Small colored balloons
• Clear, cellophane wrap
• Colored ribbon

Wear white tights and body suit. Blow up balloons, keeping them small enough that they look like jelly beans. Make a loose bag around your body out of the cellophane. Place the balloons "in the bag" around your body.
• Tie with ribbon loosely around neck (under arms for children or if neck is uncomfortable). Make a sign using cardboard or fabric that says "Jelly Belly the Gourmet Jelly bean" or something similar. Tape or glue sign onto front of "bag".

How to Build a Mouse Costume

How to Build a Mouse Costume by Trevor Stone See more of our work at Contact us at