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Headline for Top 100 #startup tools from #websummit who can disrupt #socialmedia world
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Top 100 #startup tools from #websummit who can disrupt #socialmedia world

This list is curated by . Enjoy, share my listly with 2 startup winners, Top 10 edtools, More than 50 iphone apps and other interesting startups . Discover more


#importio Winner #websummit #elearning #startup transform web information into useable data

Turn any website into a table of data or an API in minutes without writing any code . provide a scalable solution that lets you create, manipulate and explore Data Sets.
Use them to inform business decisions, feed data visualizations, and power apps.

#placemeter #websummit #startup winner Indexing the physical world with big data

Placemeter was created to give people the power of knowing what a place is like before they get there. We collect and serve up-to-the-minute information like how crowded a place is, how long the wait is, and whether it will get more or less crowded in the next hour. Just like people can check the weather outside and the traffic along the way, they can now look up what to expect when they get there.
Under the hood, Placemeter is building the world's first real-time dynamic data layer. Used alongside static map databases, along with weather information, event calendars, and other information, we are able to provide very accurate information and future predictions.
Placemeter data comes from a combination of our network of live video cameras and user reports from our mobile application. We use proprietary computer vision technology to calculate traffic levels from video feeds. With every new camera added to our system, we can provide more accurate information about more places.

Discover why #websummit was one of the best Global Tech Conference

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#websummit Dublin 2013 Where the Tech World Meets

For 2 days, 10,000 attendees from around the world take over Dublin city. It's not just about what happens during the day at the Summit, it's also about what happens by night. Your ticket opens up a world of curated dinners, parties and events hosted by the world's leading brands, tech companies, investors and media.

#TeachWare #websummit #startup #edtool Cloud Based Student Management

With TeachWare Free Web Based App, You Can Easily Manage Your Student's Information, Whether It Be: Profiles, Attendance, Exam Scores, Our Homework Feature and Much More This is Truly The Most Modern, Easy Way To Manage The Class.

#colwiz #websummit #startup #edtool to accelerate Research and Innovation

Colwiz Goal :
Researchers are frustrated by the huge number of different applications used to manage research. Many find it difficult to collaborate and share resources with their colleagues due to different people using different programs. There was a glaring need for a single place where researchers can do all of their management activities, ideally incorporated with a social network, to make collaboration with others easier. colwiz' goal is to provide a research management environment which enables simple and effective collaboration between colleagues – thus making the life of a researcher easier.

#keepy #websummit #startup #edtool to share, admire and save that awesome stuff

kids make awesome stuff.
keepy lets you organize
enhance, share, admire and save
that awesome stuff forever
& ever (& ever...)

#Karma #websummit #startup #edtool turn spreadsheets into customised business apps

Karma combines the powerful flexibility of spreadsheets with the rigid robustness of enterprise business administration systems. Karma is a unique platform using spreadsheets for modeling business logic and defining the UI of applications. Karma also keeps customization flexible in the well-known world of spreadsheets. Karma transforms spreadsheets to secure, scalable and multi-platform web applications.

#Solaborate #websummit #socialmedia #startup #edtool connect,discover,collaborate

Solaborate is a social and collaboration platform dedicated to technology professionals and companies to connect, collaborate, discover opportunities, and create an ecosystem around products and services. Solaborate provides technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time. It's a new way for the tech community to be more productive.

Our mission is to connect technology professionals and provide a dedicated place for you, your company and your products and services by providing all the tools and services to allow you to be more productive.

#Cloudpage #websummit #socialmedia #startup #edtool to create a page in the cloud

Cloudpage is an online publishing solution that gives you a place to publish stand-alone pages of information and share that info via social channels. It makes publishing rich content to the web both easier and much quicker than a website, more spontaneous than a blog and more flexible than any social media app.
People use Cloudpage because blogs, social media apps, website builders and other “web publishing solutions” are not designed for publishing a stand-alone page of information and therefore have significant overhead, hassle factors and limitations.
Non-techies love Cloudpage because it is as easy to use as MS Word® and they can create a page in only 3 clicks, and techies love it because it has the power and functionality of a corporate CMS or a website design tool like Dreamweaver (but for the online and social world).
Cloudpage also allows you to share your pages to social channels and get near-realtime analytics all from a single place.

#okdoit #websummit #startup #elearning #edtool Never switch between Email and Task Management

Never switch between Email and
Task Management apps again!

#Zoobe #websummit #startup #edtool to create and send 3d animated video messages

These cute stars from the box office hit movie just arrived brand new in Zoobe Pets - for free! Now you can become a movie director of your own animated video messages and these two 3D film stars are your actors, together with their Zoobe friends. Just take a picture, select your favourite character and record your voice message!

#Slideli #websummit #elearning #startup #edtool offer Second Screen App for Presentations

Helping you with your storyline
Enrich your presentations with relevant content
Expand your reach
Get your audience back in sync
Use your favorite presentation software (Keynote from Apple)
Never miss a reference, quote or link again
Reproduce a presentation with all the details
Never miss the point again
Create your own presentation summary
Use your favorite mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop)
Engage your audience
Get the most out of your speakers
Boost your social presence
Break through the content clutter
One relevant mobile conference app

#PortfolioDeck #websummit #startup #elearning tool to create professional creative portofolios

PortfolioDeck is perfect for web designers. Focus on the design and build unique portfolios for your clients with ease. PortfolioDeck takes care of backend and hosting.

You have full control over HTML, CSS and Javascript and can easily build a portfolio web site that fits the needs of your client by creating a new theme or customising an existing theme.