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Updated by Sherryl Perry on Oct 10, 2017
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Helpful Posts for Bloggers

Here are posts that bloggers should find helpful.

75 Builds Traffic

How Can Blow Up Blog Traffic | Social Media Today

There are a lot of different tools to help with content creation, drive traffic, and keep your website up to date, but there's one tool that can help you do all three at the same time: According to co-founder Nick Kellet, is "true social curation with lists as a metaphor."

What Bill Gates Can Teach You About Writing Great Content

"If you can't make good, at least make it look good". No doubt, the first image floating in you mind would be of Bill Gates. Though I appreciate that you figured out that there's no direct link between blogging and Bill Gates, I must confess. That there's nothing common between the two.

5 Ways to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve Your SEO

You must have been using if you are a blogger or a webmaster. Or at least you must have heard about it or read about it on the internet as a blogger's best friend when it comes to performing on Google. What do you use Google Webmaster Tools for?

The Biggest Mobile Trends and Stories of 2013

In August 2012, Google published its famous Multiscreen Study, which stated that for the average user, cycling between smartphone, tablet, and desktop throughout the day is the norm. In hindsight this seems obvious, but at the end of 2012 it was a revelation; this landmark publication made us realize it's really about multiple screens, lots of them, and often several at once.

10 Words You Need To Stop Mispelling

We've all been there, done that - this infographic examines top 10 misspelled words that commonly get under our skin at times. Enjoy the vocab lesson =) Entrepreneurship, startups, widgets, plugins, technology, humor, video, entertainment, passive income, residual income, social media networking are the things I blog about mostly.

The Power of the Hashtag (Infographic)

Heard of the word hashtag? Know what that is? No... I'm pretty certain everyone reading this post knows what a hashtag is. Don't need to go through that right? But then again, do we all REALLY know the essence of the hashtag?

17 Tips to Optimize Page Load Times

In 2010, Google announced that it would begin to use page load and site performance as a ranking factor. In the years since, it's become unclear to what extent Google is incorporating page load speeds into it's ranking algorithm.

Create Photo Gallery with WP Native Gallery

Want to learn how easily you can create a photo gallery with WordPress? If you like, you can use a plugin for your photo gallery. In the past, I was happy with NextGen Gallery. See below for more on NextGen Gallery vs. native WordPress gallery.

101 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online

Do you want a boost in online revenue for 2014? One of the biggest ruts online entrepreneurs face is trying to make money one way. The key to being successful is trying a variety of different outlets until you find the one(s) that fit you and your niche.

Top 50 Bloggers To Follow In 2014 And My 2013 Blogging Recap

It is the time of the year again and 2013 is coming to an end. Basically, hours left to celebrate the new and upcoming year 2014. As a recap, I started this blog back in May 2013 and it was great. Honestly, great could possible an understatement.

How To Make Your Blog Posts Dynamic by Inserting Widgets

Widgets are one of the most simple yet effective features of WordPress. Being able to simply drag and drop useful and dynamic elements into designated parts of your site allows you to present almost any kind of information easily to your readers.

Free Photo-Editing Quickie: Add a Logo to Any Image (Fast!)

If you're in the mood for a quickie that'll have you saying, " Well, that was fast, but incredibly beneficial," you're in store for a real treat. In today's blog post, I'm going to teach you how to quickly and easily add your business' logo to any image of your choice using a free photo-editing site called PicMonkey.

Top 25 Responsive Design Sites of 2013

If you've worked with a web designer lately, then you should be all caught-up on 'responsive design'. If you've somehow managed to neglect all the buzz surrounding the importance of responsiveness, here's a brief introduction. Responsive web design simply makes sure that webpages can adjust to the device in use depending on its width.

100 Motivational Quotes That Will Inspire You to Be Successful

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and bosses, we must realize that everything we think about we are projecting into the future. Read on to find the words of wisdom that will inspire your heart, motivate your mind in building your business, leading your life, creating success, achieving your goals, and overcoming your fears.

List of 53 New Android Apps you didn't know about

In my previous article we cover some of best android apps for 2013 and best android games for 2013. And today we have decided to share with you some of the new Android apps and games for 2013 which you don't even know that they exist.

25 Ideas For Blog Posts To Kick-Start Your Content Marketing In 2014

25 Ideas For Blog Posts It's is amazing to me that we are already in 2014, feels like just yesterday that I was day dreaming of all my big plans for 2013. I can promise you that 2014 will fly by just as fast.

44% of Links Go Lost: To Preserve Valuable Cont...

Robin Good's insight: According to this PDF report from the Chesapeak Digital Preservation Group, 44% of links go rotten.(The Chesapeak group is comprised of four member libraries, the Georgetown Law and Harvard Law School Libraries, and the State Law Libraries of Maryland and Virginia.)The study...

Blogging for Business: What's Important in 2014

It's 2014. Is your business' blog older and wiser? Did you learn from your mistakes in 2013? What are you going to focus on in 2014 to make your business' blog as effective and awesome as it can be?

How to Write the Best Blog Headlines - Tips and Tricks

I heard a rumour that you write amazing content for your blog. So I was just reading your latest post, and frankly - it blew me away! Your clean writing style mixed with those amazing images really had me hooked from the minute I started reading... Ok, I am lying.

Where to Find Great Content Topic Ideas

There are some really great ideas here to find inspiration for your next blog post.

How To Write An Effective Guest Post Pitch To Get Positive Responses

If you are a serious blogger, you might be looking to promote your blog and business with guest posting. As a matter of fact, guest posting to the right places could really boost your traffic and sales considerably. When I'm saying guest posting, however, I'm not talking about trying to reach any blog out there.

Google Releases Official Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress

Announced this morning on their Webmaster Central blog, Google has released an official Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress. While still in the beta stage, this new plugin offers an easier way for WordPress site owners to integrate Google products within their sites.

Why I Moved Out Of WP Engine To Have My Own Hosting Server

Moving from one shared hosting environment to another was a lot of stress for me due to one problem or another. Sometimes it was their server's performance. Other times the hosting company was complaining that my website was consuming way more resources than they allocated to my account.