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Resources for Studying Realism

A list of useful sources for studying realism. Please add your own suggestions and vote on the ones you like best.


Man the state and war

Man the state and war
Stephen M. Walt

Talking to Iran and taking a more measured approach to intervention in the region is thus a very good development. Although the United States and Iran won't become close allies anytime soon, rebuilding a working relationship with Tehran would be a great benefit to the U.S. strategic interests.

Henry Kissinger: A diplomatic colossus who is still a key influence in US amid Syria crisis

There is a 90-year-old "war criminal" helping to frame the foreign policy of the Obama administration. Perhaps a little surprising. Until, of course, you realise that the old boy in question is Henry Kissinger, and he has been advising the White House on a subject he knows well - the Russians.

Theory of International Politics

"This is one of the seminal texts in international relations. I'm thrilled to see it in print again. Thank you so much for committing to it!" -- Christopher Moore, Bethel University

The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: An Enduring Debate

This important book clearly and succinctly lays out the opposing views on whether nuclear proliferation makes the world more or less peaceful. . . . I can't think of a better book to recommend on the ABCs of nuclear proliferation. --John J. Mearsheimer

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

"Controversial." --Terry Gross, "Fresh Air," NPR"It could not be more timely." --David Bromwich, "The Huffington Post""The strategic questions they raise now, particularly about Israel's privileged relationship with the United States, are worth debating." --David Remnick. "The New Yorker""Ruthlessly realistic."

John J. Mearsheimer Advanced Search: Books

RealClearWorld - International Relations Theory in "Breaking Bad" - Extremely Volatile

International Relations Theory in "Breaking Bad" By Peter LaVenia AMC's " Breaking Bad" saga is drawing to a close, and though, at first glance, it may seem like a television show better suited to analogies with domestic politics, a closer look reveals inter-state politics embedded in the world of drugs and methamphetamine.

Realism and International Relations (Themes in International Relations)

'Donnelly's book produces a clear, but sophisticated, analysis of realism in international relations. It is one of the rate examples of a book of international relations theory that is approachable and easily understandable, but not lacking in original or noteworthy analysis. This book will be of use to both experienced academics and novices in the study of international relations.