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What is, why you should use it, and 44 places to submit your feed for free! | Akecheta Blog
A web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it. Making a collection of web feeds accessible in one spot is known as aggregation, which is performed by an aggregator.
Wtf! My adsense is not working at my Blogger template! | Akecheta Blog
As the first article, I have to say that I had to write about how to make an Adsense unit work in a Blogger template because I just passed through that goddamned problem stated at the title, it was when I added an Adsense unit below my blogger post, the
How to insert Adsense on all greatest spaces of your blog! THE COMPLETE GUIDE | Akecheta Blog
In this post you'll learn how to: - Insert adsense on the left side of the post - Insert adsense on the right side of the post - Insert adsense above the post, below the title :P - Insert adsense below the post - Insert adsense above the comments box - Insert adsense only after the first blog post, in the posts listing If somehow an UFO abducted my article, giving you a 404 white screen of death, then go on my blog's search and type My adsense is not working at my Blogger.
How to insert your profile Bio below every post automatically | Akecheta Blog
Once again, I'm in need of another thing: How to insert the author Bio on every Blogger post automatically. I think this is pretty important, because people need to know who they are talking to, it will bring you more prestige, more visitors, more fame, more cupcakes and swashpokles.
How to change your Blogger's language | Akecheta Blog
Sometimes you need to have your blog in a specific language, but it just keeps displaying the text in your location's language, like in my case where I need the diby riby thingy to display in Englishy, and it still keeps displaying in Brazilian Portuguese, I even went to my Google Account and changed the language to USA English, it changed the whole site, except the Blogger.
How to create a forum in Blogger | Akecheta Blog
Sometimes you need a way to interact directly with your readers, customers, viewers, penguins, etc. You may also need those people to interact with each other, and that's time to start a web forum, but you don't have any programming skills, you also don't want to spend a penny with web hosting and web professionals, then you need a free easy way to start your own forum, well now you can.
How to add your keywords in your Blog template | Akecheta Blog
If you know the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you'll realize that you need to optimize your keywords, in order to have better results in the search engines and increase traffic, but Blogger won't allow you to do that by simply going to your configuration and using your magic
How to add a nice looking related posts widget to your blog | Akecheta Blog
Why should your visitor read only one article when he can get interested in related stuff? Ever thought about increasing your sales?
How to insert a Facebook Like box in your Blog | Akecheta Blog
Since the day I had a big decrease in traffic at one of my blogs, I decided get the time I was investing in my websites and invest 90% of it in Social Media and Forums, and only 10% in Google's SEO, instead of doing the opposite, why?
Great tool to find Dofollow blogs for link building and subsequently increasing your blog visits number | Akecheta Blog
It doesn't matter how great is your site design, product and content, if you don't have a way to make people get to you, you'll be like a guy (Girl?) selling lemonade in the middle of the Sahara desert. But someone may say "All a website needs is original and good quality content"; it's true, in part.