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does gatorade help dehydration

QAre Electrolyte Drinks More Beneficial Than Water? AAs most people know, the importance of proper hydration for optimal functioning of a majority of the body's systems can never be over-stated. However, fluid and electrolyte replacement for athletes is a complicated subject, as there are many factors that must be taken into account to achieve optimal hydration and electrolyte status.
Dehydration From Gastro: Are Sports Drinks and Sodas Safe?
Suddenly it's summer again and I'm already noticing more patients coming in with diarrhea and the typical "gastro" symptoms that spike every summer. It's usually not a big deal for adults, but I worry mostly about babies and toddlers, who can quickly dehydrate after a couple of days of severe diarrhea. Gatorade Origin
Claim: Gatorade was invented by researchers at the University of Florida and named in honor of the Florida Gators, that school's football team. TRUE Origins: Few beverages have been as successful as Gatorade, a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink favored by athletes performing at all levels of endeavor - from weekend warriors and sometimes-exercisers right up to professional players and Olympic hopefuls.
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GATORADE HYDRATES YOU BEST Nothing rehydrates, revives and reactivates better than Gatorade. Rehydrate: Gatorade has a unique taste and formula that helps athletes consume more fluids. With its mineral salts and carbohydrates, drinking Gatorade is a quick way to stay hydrated. Revive: Sweating causes you to lose electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chloride.