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Headline for 411 Pain Attorneys and Lawyer Referral Service
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411 Pain Attorneys and Lawyer Referral Service

411 Pain advertises all day every day claiming to have cultivated a network of attorneys to fit your needs. How accurate is this statement? Everything you should know about 411 Pain.


411-Pain Is Forced To Change Misleading Advertisements

411-Pain, a lawyer referral service that has come under scrutiny of the Florida Bar and Florida's Attorney General's Office has agreed to pay a large fine and change its advertisements as part of a settlement to a lawsuit. Florida's Attorney General's office resolved its lawsuit with 411-Pain and a condition to such settlement is the [...]
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Should I Call A Lawyer Referral Service to Find an Injury Attorney?

If you have sustained physical injuries in a Florida auto accident, lawyer referral services may appear to be an attractive option. In the Tampa Bay area, advertisements for 411 Pain and 1-800-Ask-Gary run all day long on local radio. When you think of a referral service, a company like Angie's List probably comes to mind.
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The Truth About 411-Pain and for Profit Lawyer Referral Services
411 Pain makes claims in their advertisements that one should not wast time searching for a personal injury attorney when they have cultivated a network of lawyers to suit your needs. Is this an accurate or misleading statement?
Non-Attorney Spokespeople Giving Legal Advice...Consumer Beware

Should you take advice concerning your auto accident claim from a non-attorney spokesperson at 411 Pain Attorney?
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411 Pain Facing Problems Outside Florida

In the State of Florida, lawyer who exchange money to non-lawyers for referrals to accident victims are subject to a number of bar sanctions including the threat of being disbarred. It is against Florida Bar rules for an attorney or law firm to pay a nurse or doctor to refer an accident victim; it's also [...]

New Lawyer Referral Jingle Cheapens the Profession

As a plaintiff attorney, I already deal with a number of obstacles. The persistent drumbeat of tort reform has served to alter the climate here in Florida and many consumers already resent injury law attorneys. Jurors are less sympathetic towards injuries victims than ever before.

Dailies Discover PIP Fraud but Let 411-PAIN Off the Hook

‚ÄčA month after New Times published an expos√© on 1-800-411-PAIN, a local referral service that seeks clients who have been...

What is the 411 Pain Group of Physicians and Lawyers?

What is 411 Pain, and is Their Network of Attorneys Unique? 411 Pain is a lawyer referral service that advertises heavily throughout the state of Florida. In a number of their advertisements, a non-attorney spokesperson states that 411 Pain has cultivated a unique group of lawyers to suit the needs of a prospective injury victim.

Why 411-Pain may not be the Best Option

Lawyer referral service 411-PAIN first caught the ire of this blog back in late 2010, when Matt Dolman read about an Iraq veteran who was suing the referral giant for a misleading advertising campaign. The veteran was convinced to call 411-PAIN by the barrage of advertisements for the service, and he ended up with a familiar result.

Don't Fall for Lawyer Referral Services
You've probably heard countless radio ads and seen billboards for advertising hotlines like 1-800-ASK-GARY or 411 PAIN. A new attorney hotline in the Tampa Bay area is 1-800-Help-911 These hotlines ask you a few simple questions about your legal needs and they match you with a lawyer for your case.
Do Attorneys Associated With Florida Referral Services Possess Any Special Skill

Is there anything unique about the attorneys associated with a for-profit lawyer referral service?

Crash Course: 411-PAIN network will line their pockets with your insurance money

This article sheds light on the 411 Pain network and related issues you will never learn about if you rely solely on their advertisements.
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411-Pain Hit With $550,000 Fine, Ordered to Change Advertising Practices
In a June 1, 2012 press release from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office, Attorney General Bondi stated: "We are protecting consumers by requiring 411-PAIN to change its representation of services and its advertising practices." 411-Pain, an alleged "Medical and Lawyer Referral Service" according to their website, was fined $550,000.00 by the Attorney General for misrepresenting...
State leaders probing accident referral services like 411 Pain

When Jazzmil Rodriguez was in a car accident in Deltona last summer, she remembered a familiar jingle from television and radio commercials. It went something like, "1-800-411-PAIN." A phone number and a jingle in one. How easy, she thought. "I should have never called them," she said now.

List of 411 Pain Attorneys and Ask Gary Lawyers

The link above will take you to attorneys in Florida affiliated with the 411 pain network and/or 1-800-Ask-Gary.

Controversy Surrounding 1-800-ASK-GARY Continues

In the latest bit of controversy surrounding legal and medical referral services, 1-800-ASK-GARY founder Dr. Gary Kompothecras has filed a lawsuit against news provider Bloomberg L.P., Allstate Insurance and three individuals. The lawsuit, filed in Sarasota Circuit Court, centers on a November 2011 article published by Bloomberg, entitled "Fraud Probed with Romney's Fundraiser Cited by [...]

Pam Bondi: 411 Pain must change ads

ORLANDO, Fla. ( WKMG) - The Florida Attorney General's office has settled its lawsuit against the 1-800-411 Pain referral service, forcing the company to change its advertising practices and pay $550,000 to Florida-based charities. "We are protecting consumers by requiring 411-PAIN to change its representation of services and its advertising practices," said Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Don't Get Scammed By "Accident Help" Lines

This bares repeating. If you have been involved in an auto accident in Florida, make sure you don't get scammed by phony accident help lines that only want to bilk you out of your money. You have heard the commercials. "1-800-Need-Help" and "1-800-411-PAIN." Many of these companies


After Kathy Wilson was in a fender bender, her husband recalled a catchy tune in a radio commercial for 411 Pain. She called, hoping to get some medical relief for her back pain. What the Jacksonville woman didn't expect was to find a lawyer at the clinic where a van loaded with other patients dropped her off.

Feds: Sledgehammer Used In $20 Million Insurance Fraud

The vehicle collisions looked like typical South Florida accidents with motorists and passengers reporting they needed treatment from chiropractors and massage therapists.But investigators said the crashes were carefully staged by willing participants who were trained how to defraud the insurance system to make money for themselves and a highly organized

"ASK GARY" is Asking for Trouble | Shady Attorney Referral Services

Unscrupulous Attorney Referral Services In the state of Florida, a hack attorney referral service called "ASK GARY" and its evil twin "411 PAIN" are finally being investigated by the State Bar of Florida for violating ethical practices and potentially breaking the law.

Don't Get Scammed By "Accident Help" Lines

This bares repeating. If you have been involved in an auto accident in Florida, make sure you don't get scammed by phony accident help lines that only want to bilk you out of your money. You have heard the commercials. "1-800-Need-Help" and "1-800-411-PAIN." Many of these companies

1800askgarysucks | 411 Pain is a page dedicated to people to express their experiences with 1800askgary.


MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER SUSAN RICHARD NELSON, District Judge. This matter is before the Court on Plaintiffs' Motion for a Preliminary Injunction [Doc. No. 6]. The Court heard oral argument on December 17, 2012. For the reasons stated below, Plaintiffs' Motion is denied. I.

Overview of Recent Complaints Against Lawyer Referral Services - Vanguard Attorneys

Ft. Lauderdale-based 411-PAIN is once again among the topic of controversy surrounding Florida-based, for-profit lawyer referral services. State Farm recently initiated a suit against 1-800-ASK-GARY with allegations of fraud and deceptive practices. The suit is once again bringing scrutiny upon lawyer referral services as a whole in the state of Florida.