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6 Amazing things to do with Kids in Seoul - Seoul Adventures

South Korea's lively capital, Seoul, is a hive of activity. Tall buildings reach the sky, hip cafes play K-pop music, and historic palaces reverberate with stories from long ago. But what about the kids' enjoyment? Families need not fear! Children of all ages will find a wealth of experiences in Seoul that are sure to spark their sense of wonder.


Alive Museum

This interactive museum is a fantasy world filled with surreal scenes and optical illusions. Enter a massive kaleidoscope, take part in an exciting underwater experience, or dangle over a skyscraper's edge. The life-sized paintings in 3D and 4D formats offer countless photo ops that inspire imagination. This museum is a guaranteed way to get kids laughing and excited, with interactive displays that let them participate in the art. If you're looking for some of the best 3 star hotels in Asia, consider one of the many options, such as Travelodge Dongdaemun Seoul, which is owned by Travelodge Hotels Asia and is a 19-minute train ride from the Alive Museum.


Ddong Café

The Ddong Cafe, also called the Poop Cafe, is an amusing explosion of gory, wacky humour. The cafe celebrates everything scatological, from plush poop-shaped cushions to walls covered in poop emojis. Don't be duped, though; hygiene is the most important factor here. The surprisingly cute desserts are the real stars of the show, even though the cafe is perfect. The signature dish is soft-serve ice cream shaped like poop and topped with fun decorations like candy sprinkles and googly eyes.


Lotte World

The largest indoor theme park in Asia, Lotte World, is waiting for you to strap up for an exciting adventure. Families can expect a world of excitement and spills here. The park, which is split into two sections called Magic Island and Adventure, has attractions for people of all ages. Exciting rollercoasters like the terrifying Giant Loop and the exhilarating Gyro Spin are available at Adventure. For younger children, Magic Island's whimsical fairytale theme is ideal.


NANTA Theatre Show

Prepare yourself for an exceptional performance that blends rhythmic beats, kitchen utensils, and acrobatics. The nonverbal comedy show NANTA, which takes place in a kitchen, is a sensory extravaganza. Cooks create a captivating culinary symphony by transforming common kitchen tools into instruments with the help of pots, pans, and spatulas. Beyond language barriers, the show is a hilarious fusion of acrobatics, synchronised cooking, and physical comedy. 


Kakao Friends Stores

Cute characters are very popular in South Korea, and the Kakao Friends are among the most adored. These expressive, wacky characters from the well-known messaging app KakaoTalk have gained widespread recognition as cultural icons. Prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness as you enter the world of Kakao Friends stores! The merchandise featuring the well-known characters, Ryan the lion, Apeach the pink peach, and Frodo the nervous dog, is abundant in these colourful stores.


Ssamzigil Shopping Mall

The name Ssamzigil means "four corners," and this distinctive shopping centre certainly lives up to its moniker. Nestled within the storied Insadong neighbourhood, Ssamzigil is a labyrinthine complex that is home to hundreds of tiny shops and kiosks. Families can go on a treasure hunt here, discovering tiny lanes brimming with handcrafted goods, trinkets, and unusual discoveries.

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