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Updated by Jeanne Daniels on Jan 27, 2015
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Treadclimber vs Elliptical

Need strong advice on buying an Elliptical or bowflex "treadclimber" lost 60lbs
My elliptical machine broke again and this time I cant fix it. Im looking around for a new elliptical or the bowflex "treadclimber". I have bad knee's,back and the easy motion of the elliptical was great. I need good solid reviews. Money is no object or spare no expense.
Elliptical vs treadmill? |
Hi there I want to pick up my workout and get in more cardio, and I was thinking of buying my own elliptical machine or treadmill. Which one is better, is there much difference? Ellipticals seem to be cheaper so I'm swinging towards that. I'm...
TreadClimber Burns Up to 3.5 Times the Calories?
January is the month when well-intentioned consumers buy exercise equipment hoping to lose all the pounds they put on during the holidays. It is not surprising, therefore, that equipment manufacturers are now advertising their latest contraptions heavily on TV, and making all kinds of claims for them.
So whats better an elliptical, treadmill, or tread climber ?
Well, the machines themselves won't reduce cellulite. As far as I know, not much will. Losing weight may help reduce it's appearance, but cellulite is largely genetic. Something like 90% of women have it. Anyway, I find treadmills boring too.