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Facebook Facts and Tips

All about using Facebook. Facebook makes changes almost daily. Learn how to keep up with the changes here!

How To Tag People On Facebook To Triple Engagement

Learn how to tag people on Facebook posts or Instagram properly and when to do it so you don't spam them and have people unfollow you.

The Best Facebook Video Format: What You Need to Know

Learn which best Facebook video format is best suited for the social network and how the right format can affect the success of your brand

How To Find and Delete Hidden Comments on Facebook

Learn how to find and delete hidden comments on Facebook or if you should reinstate the comments and address it publicly.

5 Top B2B Brands Mastering Facebook Engagement

Learn how Canva, Airbnb, Mailchimp, Boeing, and 3M are mastering their B2B Facebook engagement using creative communication in groups, pages, and more.

Is Your Business Facebook Page Update Sucking Wind Lately?

Business Facebook Page Update - Is Your Page Sucking Wind? Do you feel like your latest business Facebook page update is seen by no one? Read on on to change that today for your Facebook page.

How to Painlessly Use Facebook Creator Studio for Your Facebook Page

How to Use Facebook Creator Studio Painlessly The Facebook Creator Studio was implemented for Instagram and Facebook pages a while back, but users were not forced to use them to schedule content on their pages, until NOW.

A few weeks ago, I noticed I could not schedule Facebook posts out on certain pages I manage. Then, one by one the option began to disappear. 🙁

What was I to do? I went right to Agorapulse to schedule them out. But my clients could not see what was scheduled out unless I made screenshots. Since, a few accounts I manage with others, I needed to get to the bottom of it. (In the meantime Agorapulse is looking at options for this!)

Next, I went to Facebook’s help center. It was of no use. I put in tickets that came back with generic replies. Then, I went on Quora and posted the question. Nothing came back.

Read more on what I learned and how you can use the new creator studio!

Integrated Marketing Strategy: Best Way to Integrate Facebook for Marketing

This post covers the integrated marketing strategy of integrating Facebook with Hubspot which results in generating ROI and improving marketing performance.

Is Your Business Facebook Page Update Sucking Wind Lately?

Business Facebook Page Update - Is Your Page Sucking Wind? Do you feel like your latest business Facebook page update is seen by no one? Do you feel like

How to Grow Your Business Through a Facebook Group -

If you have used Facebook lately in the hopes of growing your business, you have probably noticed that it is very ‘pay-to-play’. Meaning your feed is

How Often Do You Need to Post on Facebook? - Single Grain

Facebook marketing in 2019 is a lot different than in 2016. That just means you need to be more strategic about how you leverage your posts. Here's how.

Facebook is about to reveal exactly how your News Feed works

After years of being vague about how its algorithms work, Facebook is offering users a look at why they're being targeted.

Facebook Stories To Help Grow Your Business Page Organic Reach Now

Facebook Stories for Pages Rise to The Top Have you been noticing the stories feature when you log in to your account? Or, maybe you received

How to Quickly Get Your Facebook Boosted Post Approved

How to Quickly Get Your Facebook Boosted Post Approved Today Have you found that it’s often very tricky to get your Facebook boosted post approved How to quickly get your Facebook boosted post approved and not have it be denied again with tips on how to edit your Facebook posts when necessary.

5 Ways Facebook Pages Will Make You Look Professional

Facebook Pages Will Make You Look Professional & More! Facebook Pages will make you look professional today. They are a must for any business today. 5 reasons Facebook pages will make your look more professional and how you can use them to generate leads and make more sales.

Why You Need To Advertise With Your Facebook Page Today?

Facebook is a gigantic platform where you can publicize business massively! Learn why you need to ballyhoo your business on facebook page only on ProvenSEO.

9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Today At All Costs

9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Today! Facebook is only getting stronger with time. It is one of the most used social channels and there is no stopp

Make Your Facebook Feed Work Absolutely Wonderful For You

Your Facebook Feed - What You Need To Know I met a woman I'll call Sally about a year ago. She is a customer of mine and only used Facebook minimally. She

Facebook Page Posts - Who Is Seeing Your Posts Now?

Whether you are using Facebook as a business page or for your own personal use have you noticed that not everyone is seeing your Facebook page posts these days? What is the reason behind this Facebook algorithm change? It is not only exclusive to Facebook pages but to personal Facebook users too.

Facebook Gets Its Own Panda Update

As reported earlier this week, Facebook has made some changes to how it ranks content in the news feed, putting a greater emphasis on content quality. The update may have a significant impact on how visible your site's content will be on the social network. Comparisons to Google's Panda update have emerged.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Recently one of the Shouter Emailed me asking about process to recover a hacked Facebook account. Here is the exact Email which I received from Gowtham: One of My Friend's Facebook account was hacked and the hacker used that account to become the Manager of some pages which 30,000 Fans.

How To Drive More Traffic From FaceBook
I know most of the bloggers are shying away from FaceBook and resorting to other social networks for their blog traffic and marketing. I too have second thoughts on FaceBook's contribution to my blog's peformance. However, we cannot completely ignore the fact that it is the Top social network out there with the maximum number of users and with a huge potential if used properly.
Do You Always Get Tagged On Facebook? Here Is A Simple Way To Untag Yourself | Onenaija Blog
Believe it or not, tagging your friends on posts you shared on Facebook is one sure way of driving traffic to your blog. Yes, this trick might be old but it is still effective and do help to get attention, engagement and interaction to once blog.
21 OMG Facts About Facebook That You Should Know
Earlier I have shared some interesting Youtube facts and numbers, and extending the series today I will be sharing some mind-blowing facts and numbers about Facebook. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular Website at this moment, and despite of the fact that it usually is very unproductive for me in terms of time-killing, I still love it.
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