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Updated by Michael Fleischer on Jan 11, 2015
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Hybrid Metal Detectors


Metal Detector News, Reviews and Ratings

This website is here to help you select the right metal detector, based on the experience of other people sharing their thoughts on different metal detectors that are on the market. We appreciate all the support of those who have submitted their reviews and shared their honest opinions for others to read, and make a better decision on their next purchase.

A good detector for kids??? - Friendly Metal Detecting Forums

A good detector for kids??? Advice on Detector Purchase

Best Metal Detector For Kids

There are many choices in the world of metal detectors for kids but just a few that stand out.

Metal Detector Illustrated Reviews

Detailed Metal Detector Illustrated Reviews for Some Popular Detectors The following pages include my detailed reviews, operational tips and pictures of finds related to metal detectors that I currently use - XP Deus (doubled) and Pulse Star II Pro, and seven other metal detectors that I used earlier in my metal detecting pursuits.

Hybrid Metal Detectors

Most treasure hunting hobbyists and serious entrepreneurs alike will agree that they typically like one machine and will zealously defend it's merits.

Hybrid Metal Detectors

The name of the game is treasure hunting fun and fortune. Quality and great deals will be our focus. #HybridMetalDetectors

Hybrid Metal Detectors

Treasure hunting is a family activity that many people are finding to be rewarding in more ways than just simply profitable. Your kids will love to go out and spend time together - a huge bonus for those of you who may be new to treasure hunting.

Hybrid Metal Detectors

There is a metal detector for every treasure hunter, every entrepreneur, and every hobbyist. The best of all brand name all purpose metal detectors will be reviewed in this online magazine.

Hybrid Metal Detectors

By Michael Fleischer | There is a metal detector for every treasure hunter, every entrepreneur, and every hobbyist. The best of the greatest brands rests inside this magazine. Please enjoy the reviews and details so that you may find one to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Hybrid Metal Detector Reviews 2014

If you are looking for great treasure hunting that starts with affordable yet durable equipment. Take a look at these best rated and well designed hybrid metal

Best Hybrid Metal Detectors 2013-2014

best Hybrid Metal Detectors 2013 - 2014

Family Fun Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

Finding relics, rings, and gold or silver top the list for why treasure hunting with metal detectors is great fun for the whole family.

Hybrid All Purpose Metal Detector Reviews 2014 | Treasure Hunting Hybrid Metal Detectors

Treasure hunting is a sport, a hobby, and can be a fun adventure for the whole family. The serious entrepreneur will want the best metal detector they can find to fit their specific goals.