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Headline for The Definitive Guide To Semi Truck Accidents For Lawyers And Consumers
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The Definitive Guide To Semi Truck Accidents For Lawyers And Consumers

I have compiled a list of articles concerning trucking accidents and injuries. Please allow this to be a resource concerning truck accident claims. We cover a host of issues such as causes that contribute to trucking accidents along with governing regulations, maintenance and hiring matters.
Florida Truck Accident Lawyer
We handle truck accident litigation including but not limited to improper loading, negligent retention and hiring, negligent maintenance, underride accidents, violations of Florida and Federal trucking laws, failure to keep logs pertaining to hours the trucker had logged.


Dangerous Trends in the Commercial Truck Industry

After hitting an all-time low in 2009, the number of trucking accidents has managed to climb again. In 2015, the last year for which complete statistics are available, the number of trucking accident rose 8% to 4,311. This represented a 26% increase from the low in 2009. This worrying trend should be cause for concern for any driver on the road who shares the road with a big rig.

The trucking industry is one of the most closely-regulated industries in America—and for good reason. Currently, commercial semi trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. This can be 20 or 40 times heavier than passenger sedans. Unsurprisingly, when passenger vehicles and commercial trucks collide, the passenger car almost always gets the worse of it.
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Independent Contractors & Misclassification of Truckers

During this past summer, FedEx settled a $227 million lawsuit that alleged the company misclassified its delivery drivers as independent contractors. More than 2,000 FedEx workers were paid out because the classification as independent contractors allows FedEx to not offer employee benefits such as sick leave, overtime or mileage. Plaintiffs alleged that in some cases, drivers were forced to pay the wages of their replacements when they were ill and unable to work [1]. Under a “right to control” test that applies in both California and Oregon, the FedEx drivers are clearly employees, not independent contractors– a three-judge appellate panel held. Furthermore, Judge William Fletcher stated in his opinion that, “the drivers must wear FedEx uniforms, drive FedEx-approved vehicles and groom themselves according to FedEx’s appearance standards; FedEx tells its drivers what packages to deliver, on what days, and at what times. Although the drivers may operate multiple delivery routes and hire third parties to help perform their work, they may do so only with FedEx’s consent.” The fact that FedEx called the drivers independent contractors in an operating agreement did not change their actual status as employees, the court said [2].

The Causes of Trucking Accidents

What are the primary factors relating to trucking accidents? We discuss a list of issues that relate to semi truck accident claims

Competition in Commercial Trucking Industry Puts Intense Pressure on Truckers

As a truck accident lawyer, scheduling demands are perhaps the biggest factor contributing to collisions involving tractor-trailers. The trucking industry is a highly competitive market for both trucking companies and the drivers they employ. The competitive nature of the industry has lead manufacturers who use these trucking companies to set unrealistic expectations of when their [...]

Improperly Loaded Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often a result of an improper load, which has interfered with the driver's ability to maneuver or stop the truck. The shifting and movement of cargo that has been improperly loaded or secured is a common cause of truck accidents in Florida.

Driver Fatigue: An Inherent Danger of Commercial Trucking

Commercial trucks are a part of almost every American's driving experience. Outside the small number of streets (often urban) in America than ban trucks, a motorist is likely to see a commercial vehicle of some sort on every road he or she uses. Sharing the road with these massive vehicles has become second nature to [...]

The Dangers of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents, that is accidents involving semi-trucks or tractor-trailers weighing 10,000 pounds or more, occur roughly 500,000 times per year on U.S. roads and highways. About 5,000 of these accidents result in fatalities and an astounding 98% of these fatalities are to individuals in a passenger car.

Why Semi Trucks Jackknife

What causes a semi-truck or tractor trailer to jackknife?

The Most Deadly of Truck Accidents: Override and Underride

As a truck accident lawyer, I can tell you that override and underride accidents are the worst types of collisions one can imagine. Hollywood Movies have made it seem like driving underneath a moving 18 wheel truck is a good option for getting away from the police or fleeing a pursuing villain.

Preparing the Truck Accident Case: Important Items to Consider

Preserving evidence and the initial actions involved in preparing the truck accident case is of paramount concern to a truck accident lawyer. The following are the most essential steps in preparing a Florida trucking accident. 1. Obtain all items of evidence and preserve such: It is vital to retain an investigator to examine the accident [...]

Truck Accident

Truck Accident Attorneys Accidents involving commercial trucks involve a very different set of issues than normal automobile accidents. The personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group understand the specific nuances involved of accidents involving semi tractor-trailer rigs. These vehicles are common across the State of Florida as they are used to transport goods and materials for [...]

Truck Accidents

Due to their size and weight, a truck is one of the worst types of vehicles that can be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Truck accidents can have fatal and tragic results. Big rigs, for example, usually weigh over 80,000 pounds.

Claims Against Company Drivers in California

When an auto accident occurs, it often involves a person driving a motor vehicle such as a commercial truck that is owned by another person or business. In these cases, it is important for an attorney to determine if the person or company that owns the vehicle (e.g.

CNBC airs revealing four part investigation into rise of trucking accidents

As a result of the recent recovery of the economy, and the ever increasing number of vehicles on America's highways, there are more and more headlines about fatal trucking accidents involving tractor-trailers. Recently, a fatal accident severely injuring famous comedian and actor Tracy Morgan and killing another has made the news cycle when it was [...]

Driver Negligence & Florida Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers

Over 100,000 people were injured[ 1] in accidents involving large trucks during 2012. While semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles play an integral role in our economy, they also pose a significant risk of serious injury to other motorists. Clearwater Truck Accident Attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Truck Accidents in Florida

Large commercial trucks are an everyday sight on Florida roadways and often operate in extremely close proximity to smaller passenger vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates[ 1] that accidents involving large trucks accounted for 104,000 injuries in 2012, with 73 percent of these injuries affecting the individuals who were in other vehicles.Tampa Truck Accident Attormey

The Importance of FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol is a highly dangerous and unlawful behavior for anyone. Commercial truck drivers are held to a higher standard than regular drivers as the vehicles they drive have the potential to cause significantly more extensive damage and injury in the case of a collision.

Investigating a Truck Accident Requires Significant Resources

Conducting a thorough investigation requires a substantial amount of time

Investigating a truck accident can take hundreds of hours. The tasks involved can include obtaining evidence, reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, communicating with the other party, reviewing medical records, and filing documents with the court. After a truck accident, victims should focus on recovering from their injuries and not worry about negotiating a reasonable settlement or preparing for trial. When victims retain legal counsel, they can rest assured that their attorney is handling their case and working to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available under the law.

Investigating a truck accident may require the use of expert consultants and witnesses

Modern trucks are extremely complicated vehicles that often use equipment with which the general public is unfamiliar. In addition, the trucking industry operates with certain internal standards and is subject to both federal and state regulations that are extremely voluminous. As a result, it is often necessary to employ expert witnesses or consultants in order to establish that a particular act or omission was negligent or in violation of a regulation. These individuals may charge hundreds of dollars an hour simply to provide their opinion on a matter. Fortunately, a personal injury law firm will pay these up-front costs so that they can build the strongest case possible on behalf of its client.

Truck Driver Fatigue Is The Number One Cause Of Truck Accidents

The pressure for truckers to continue driving, despite being fatigued, is so common that it has become alarming. It is the number one cause for accidents involving trucks that are the fault of the truck driver. Truck driver fatigue accounts for 35-40% of all truck accidents. A truck driver who is experiencing fatigue and forcing…

Sleep Deprived Truckers – Danger on the Highways

Truck drivers that operate their vehicle while sleep deprived are a leading cause of truck accidents. These accidents are almost always catastrophic.

Is the Driver or the Employer Liable for a Commercial Truck Driving Accident?

A devastating commercial truck accident just happened. Who's liable? The driver or employer? Click here to learn more now from Florida accident attorneys.

What Kinds of FMCSR Violations Can Lead to Commercial Truck Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration1 (NHTSA), there were approximately 104,000 people injured in accidents involving large trucks during 2012. Commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks and other specialized vehicles are an everyday sight on Florida roadways and perform an essential function in the national economy. When these vehicles are involved in accidents, the results can be devastating. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety2 (IIHS), large trucks can weigh as much as 20 to 30 times as much as passenger vehicles. As a result, they are capable of causing extremely serious damage when they are involved in collisions.

Trucking Company Liability for Dangerous Drivers

Drivers often cringe at the sight of a semi-truck sharing the roadway with them. They can be up to fourteen feet high and weigh up to 35,000 pounds unloaded. Fully loaded, they can be up to 80,000 pounds with a fuel tank that can hold anywhere from 100 to 300 gallons. Combine those facts with…

Trucking Accidents in Florida: What To Do?

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Trucking Accidents – All you need to know to stay safe - Dolman Law Group

Trucking accidents are something that everyone on the road fears – drivers and passengers alike. Often times, we see and hear about the fatalities caused by or involving large trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration1 publishes an annual publication edition called the “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts.” According to this report, in 2012, 3,802 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes, a 5 percent increase from 2011. Large truck and bus fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled by all motor vehicles increased by 3 percent. Other analysis showed that over that year, the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes increased by 5 percent and the vehicle involvement rate for large trucks in fatal crashes increased by 4 percent. Additionally, the number of large trucks involved in injury crashes increased by 22 percent and the vehicle involvement rate for large trucks in injury crashes also increased by 22 percent. As the data shows, large trucks accidents occur very frequently and are not decreasing.