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Updated by Anastasia Smith on Jun 05, 2024
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Best 10 Asian Countries to Visit in 2024 - Be inspired and enthralled with a delightful round-up of Asian Nations!

The largest continent of the world, Asia is filled with history, culture and loads of natural beauty offering limitless experiences for visitors such as loads of fun, relaxation, intrigue and more. Discover some of the awesome countries in Asia you must include in your holiday bucket list for 2024.



Filled with the stunning natural beauty of mountains and valleys, hiking trails and wildlife, pristine beaches and awe-inspiring sunsets that complement the ancient heritage like Hoi Ancient Town there is so much for visitors to experience in this charming country that is also famous for its mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisine and Vietnamese coffee. It is not surprising that Vietnam is featured regularly in Asia travel news.



Japan is an intriguing nation with a cluster of islands offering a myriad of experiences such as the quintessential Cherry Blossom season, a rich culture and heritage seen from the ancient temples, traditional tea ceremony and enigmatic Geisha Girls while its unique cuisine and modern marvels like the Tokyo Skytree fascinate her visitors. It is not surprising that Japan features high as a holiday destination for many discerning travellers such as those opting for Travelodge Hotels Asia.



A modern city-state famous for its vibrant shopping scene, and world-class attractions like the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios Sentosa and the Singapore Wheel while its exotic cuisine is relished by visitors like the chilli crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and char kuay teow etc. enticing visitors to this popular destination.



A rich history and culture, ornamental temples, palaces of grandeur and stunning beaches backed by limestone cliffs are just a handful of experiences in Thailand. Combine all this with its tantalizing cuisine and vibrant shopping scene you are in for an unforgettable holiday in the exciting Land of Smiles.


Sri Lanka

Known by many names such as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Resplendent Island, Serendib, and a few others Sri Lanka boasts a rich history and culture as witnessed in the iconic Lion Rock, the Temple of the Tooth etc. while its bounty of nature’s blessings such as shimmering beaches, exotic wildlife and enchanting waterfalls entice visitors to this the tiny but beautiful island to make a host of unforgettable memories.



A rich history dating back many centuries and an abundance of natural wonders make this massive country a must-visit destination to appreciate its beauty and vastness and the amazing progressiveness of the nation with many modern man-made marvels to be admired with ancient marvels such as the modern Shanghai Tower and the ancient Great Wall of China in Beijing. It is not surprising that many visitors book tours of China to discover some of these marvels.



Scenic beaches, lush rainforests and a rich history harmoniously blend with modern architectural marvels such as Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin buildings to make Malaysia a sought-after tourist destination. Complementing these are the vibrant Malaysian cuisine and the glittering shopping scene of Malaysia that beckon visitors to this truly Asian country.



The third largest nation in Asia, this remarkable country offers a multi-faceted experience for visitors with its iconic buildings like the Taj Mahal, while its numerous temples and grand palaces are dotted around the country blending well with the natural beauty of the mountains, beaches and jungles offering a mix of experiences for discerning visitors.



A quintessential destination comprising nearly 1200 tiny coral islands grouped among 26 atolls offering a serene getaway to visitors who love the sun, sea, and sand. Apart from the beauty and utter serenity offered at the many luxury resorts, the Maldives has a rich historical past which is well worth discovering on your holiday to this archipelago.



Known as the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia boasts spectacular landscapes, and shimmering beaches complemented by its heritage with world-famous temples and a magnificent Royal Palace. This charming emerging destination has a fascination for many visitors who appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of this Asian Nation.