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#SomethingMusicMonth October 2013

For the month of October 2013 I posted/upload over on the Audioboo online platform a daily audio of some of the music that I've listen to in the past, music I currently listening to, and music I will definitely be listening to well into the future. Call this list a part of my soundtrack to my life. : )
Audioboo: Something Strange is Going On Here... (Day 1)

Something is going on here at Audioboo. . . Something to do with music or something...

We're Having Fun... (Day 2)

Think I'll be having a lot of fun with this something music month here at Audioboo. . . I shall seek to listen to all this music strangeness that I can, and have fun doing so...

There Were These Two Men . . . (Day 3.A)

Continuing that musical journey this October 2013, here on Audioboo. . .

Sharing A Story. . . (Day 3.B)

I always like very much a story that's connected with a song. One of those many magic moments that allow us to remember good people, good things, and good times through the power of music...

Audioboo: What Ever Happen To American Princes? (Day 4)

Wonder what the #1 Hit was back in 1965 on this date and wondering what happen to all the American Princes? . . .

Wanting to listen to some MJ... (Day 5)

MJ is not with us physically but through song passed song artist live on...

Audioboo: This Song Ain't For You. . . This One's For All The. . . (Day 6)

Eighty-one firefighters will be honored during the 32nd National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service on Sunday, October 6, at 10 a.m. (EDT) at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Fallen Eighty-one Firefighters were also remembered during a special Candlelight Service held on Saturday, October 5 at 6:30 p.m..

It's Called A "COVER". . . (Day 7)

A "COVER" of Nickelback's "Photograph" performed by Alex Goot + Against The Current

"Tribal Voice" . . . Words of Wisdom! (Day 8)

Words of Wisdom: "We don't own Mother Earth, the Earth owns us."

Obscured & Rare. . . (Day 9)

A Great Band with a lot of fantastic album covers back in the days of vinyl records.

Reach For The Stars. . . (Day 10)

The 1st broadcasted song from another planet, music taking a journey of some 700 million miles.

★ FEATURED BOO ★ Overcoming . . . (Day 11)

There are many kinds of fear. We all face fear of some kind each and every day. We have in our lives many examples of inspiration and positive influences to overcome our fears...

#PositiveStartToTheDay (Day 12)

It's Always A #PositiveStartToTheDay With Music! : )

You Say You Can't What? (Day 13)

I know I can't dance but I can get a cup of coffee this fine early morning. : )

Tioga Radio Show PROMO... (Day 14)

It's where you can find me each Tuesday playing as a "Want-To-Be Radio DJ!" Playing and listening to music on this cloud called Mixcloud of good listening music that simple "POPS!"

Road trip today . . . (Day 15)

"Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels. . . "

It Will Be . . . (Day 16)

Getting the day started of this Day 16 of this Something Music Month with music & song I like listening to throughout the year. A good song to have in my Soundtrack Of My Life... : )

Heroes . . . (Day 17)

We all have them, we all need them...

Audioboo: Happy Birthday Mr Rock and Roll! (Day 18)

A Happy Birthday to one of the Rock & Roll Great.... #MyAudio #FiremanRich #AudioFun #Audioboo #MusicMonth #Music #GoodListening #SomethingGoingOn #SomethingMusicMonth

I Am . . . (Day 19)

Like I said I Am . . .

Audioboo: Do Have A Pleasant Valley Sunday! (Day 20)

Welcoming Bernie Goldback @TopGold back to his Homeland of the U.S.A., and wishing everyone a Pleasant Sunday! : )

Audioboo: It's A Monday, Monday - My Saturday (Day 21)

First of all I'm up to darn early to do this audioboo! lol Well now that I'm up I guess I'll be having a #PositiveStartToTheDay ! : )

Audioboo: Through Music A Good Story Is Told . . . (Day 22)

I like a good story and I always like a good song!

Coffee ... (Day 23)

Talking about coffee this morning. . .

It's All About The Fun And To. . . (Day 24)

Keeping one's balance, pushing and moving forward is always a #PositiveStartToTheDay! : )

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