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When the Nest Sits Empty

In the midst of empty nest parenting, you can still enjoy the changing seasons as your kids work, move away and start their own family.T his list offers encouragement and insight to parents facing the challenges that come with reorienting their lives after their children leave home.

Use Your Time Wisely When You Become Empty Nesters

Many options are open to couples whose kids have moved out. Here are some tips on how to use time wisely during your years as empty nesters.

Three Pitfalls to Avoid in an Empty Nest Marriage

When your kids leave the home, you are forced to consider your marriage relationship in a new light.

Thriving in the Empty Nest

Finding the positive in facing an empty nest includes reconnecting with yourself, your partner and others in new ways.

How can Christian parents deal with empty-nest syndrome?

How can Christian parents deal with empty-nest syndrome? How can Christian parents overcome the sadness that often comes with an empty nest?

Finding Purpose In Your Empty Nest Years (Part 1 of 2)

As an empty nester himself, Jim Burns returns to give you help as you enter this new stage of life. He provides hope for your marriage, your friendships, and your future as you seek to pursue the next calling God has on your life!

Are You Surviving or Thriving in Your Empty Nest?

How are you navigating this season of life? While it's natural to grieve the past, view it as a new beginning with God’s help.

Live Well as an Empty Nester

Empty nesters don't have to suffer from empty nest syndrome. You can flourish in your new relationship with your adult child, and your spouse

Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome refers to the distress and other complicated emotions that parents often experience when their children leave home.

Give Them Wings: Preparing for the Time Your Teen Leaves Home

Your teen comes home with her driver's license. College catalogs fill your mailbox. Senior pictures are taken, and graduation gowns are fitted. The family car is loaded to take your college freshman to his dorm.

Keeping a Full Marriage During Empty-Nest Years

You may have to work to reestablish your life once you enter empty-nest years. But an empty nest doesn't mean you can't have a full marriage.

Do You Have Empty Nest Syndrome?

Do You Have Empty Nest Syndrome? I created this Empty Nest Syndrome Quiz to help you identify how you are doing.

The Fruitful Empty Nest: Lessons for When the Kids Leave Home

How might mothers think about the years after their kids leave home? One seasoned mother gives six practical ways toward a happier and more fruitful “empty nest.”

Empty Nest, What's Next?

The purpose of "Empty Nest, What's Next?" is to help parents adjust to their changing roles as parents of adult children.

Empty Nest: From a Single Parent’s Perspective

The transition to an empty nest can seem challenging. Discover some wisdom for navigating this season with grace and help your child launch successfully.

Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

What is empty nest syndrome and what support is available for parents who struggle when their adult children leave the home?

4 Ways to Connect Spiritually as Empty Nesters

The term "empty nest" evokes an array of emotions. During this time of change, you can spiritually connect to your spouse as empty nesters.

Empty Nesters

The transition to the empty nest, like every other milestone, is best when supported in community. It can be as fulfilling, exciting and happy as you want it to be, but it takes a little dreaming and a little planning to make it happen. We invite you to engage with these resources, stay connected, find fulfillment, and enjoy lasting happiness!

7 Powerful Encouragements for the Empty Nester

I’ve always heard that this season of life can leave a woman feeling purposeless and I’m beginning to understand why. With a year to go, I’ve already been asked the following questions...

Maintaining Emotional Intimacy in the Empty Nest Years

Reaching the empty nest years will create a lot of changes for your marriage, Greg addresses how couples can feel distant in the empty nest years, and John and Erin offer hope to couples who feel far apart.

Being Happy Together When the Nest is Empty

Adjusting to different marriage dynamics after the kids leave home can be challenging.

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