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Writing about Writing

Do you blog about design, multimdeia composition, writing, teaching writing, digital storytelling? I am trying to curate a list for members of the #literacies, #FYYCHAT, and #engchat.

Online Research and Media Skills

Teachers and educators can use digital text and tools to enhance their pedagogical goals. I hope to share the many strategies I develop, or better yet, stumble upon to help us prepare our students as the world shifts from page to pixel.

Starr Sackstein, MJE, NBCT

Emails coming in. Students at my desk. 20 different projects in progress. Portfolio conferences at the end of the week and personal drama happening at home. Chaos. The dizzying whirlwind of every day life and the obsessive need to keep up with it, even at my own expense.

developing writers

Anna Smith, educational researcher & teacher educator blogging about composition in the digital age, contexts for learning, theories of development, and global youth. (by Anna)


Nothing Bothers Me No, Really. Nothingness Keeps Me Up At Night. Stanley Rosen, Friedrick Nietzsche, and I have something in common. We're all concerned with squirrels, or rather, a world without squirrels. Ok, to be more specific, a world without ... Continue reading Aurasma 2-ways (or 3!)

Digital Mediast

Literary Analysis, New Media Tinkering, Digital Humanism

I was at a large conference this summer. The organizers had added a game to the conference app. If you tweeted from the app, or reviewed a session or entered a code at a location, you were awarded points in the game.

(contains spoilers about Sherlock, "A Scandal in Belgravia") The theme was "Bodies, Interrupted;" the objects of analysis were N. Katherine Hayles How I Became Posthuman, chapter 2, Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto," and "A Scandal in Belgravia" from the TV series Sherlock.

Technoliterate practices are modeled and used by learners now! Imagine the effectiveness of instruction if educators harness what learners currently use outside of the classroom – pedagogical adoption would not only reinforce current use, but also prepare for future professional use in a market that requires it anyway.

Haas | Learning

By Carol Burris @ The Washington Post 's The Answer Sheet Guest writer Carol Burris has been on a remarkable run of excellent criticism of New York state's Education Department. Commissioner John King has been under her watchful, jaundiced eye with great scrutiny Thomas Sergiovanni was a renowned international scholar of educational leadership.


While many of my readers will know what that term means, it might be useful to start with a quick definition. I like the one that Paul Oh shares in his discussion, " What Connected Education Looks Like," which simply describes connected teaching and learning as the use of technology "to build communities and share knowledge."

What's Not Wrong?

In which a teacher and family guy is still learning … and writing about it

Writing about Writing | A Listly List

Do you blog about design, multimdeia composition, writing, teaching writing, digital storytelling? I am trying to curate a list for members of the ...