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Personal growth

How to Get Everything You Want. Seriously

You'd like to be successful in everything you do, of course. Here's how to make it happen. Getting what you want in your career and in life isn't as difficult as it may seem. I mean it. I've been very fortunate, both professionally and personally, and along the way learned seven key ways to help make it happen.

Anthony Peake - Our Pineal Gland and The Infinite Mindfield
Interviews with writers and thinkers on consciousness, technology and human potential, incorporating the roundtable discussions of the ITLAD Walker 'Open Minds' group.
How to Make Your Own Luck

by Maria Popova "All creators need to be able to live in the shade of the big questions long enough for truly revolutionary ideas and insights to emerge." "You are what you settle for," Janis Joplin admonished in her final interview. "You are ONLY as much as you settle for."

The Greatest Advice Of All Time?

Experience teaches that if you're reading this, chances are you're seeking to improve the quality of your life from either of the following situations: You're in the pits and things are lousy, possibly to the point where they couldn't possibly get any worse...

Silence: A Relationship Killer

Silence can be utterly destructive to our relationships and to our own integrity. The absence of meaningful communication is contrary to emotional and verbal intimacy and moreover precludes possibilities of breakthroughs or resolution. This article look at how silence can be controlling and actually incite graver consequences than the upset being avoided by silence.

The Gift Culture movement

Allow us to introduce "Gift" Communities as a potent social invention of the emerging "Gift Culture" movement: "I don't know of any great movement that hasn't depended on base communities to sustain individuals in the demanding work of social change."

The Science of Self Improvement

I first began my self improvement journey about 8 years ago. Like most people, it took a really dark and difficult time in my life before I was motivated enough to make a change.

Self Improvement from

Self Improvement Online created, the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It includes a wide range of articles, experts, websites, events and products to help you improve your life.

Determine Your Personality Archetype with the Fascination Advantage Test

It all began with the F-Score. A 28-question test that assessed the way you fascinate others. After 50,000 people took the F-Score, we went back to the research and the custom algorithm to develop The Fascination Advantage Test. With this powerful 28-question assessment, we can accurately determine your Personality Archetype.

Good Life Project

THE MOVEMENT Good Life Projectâ„¢ is a movement. A set of shared values. A community. A creed, bundled with a voracious commitment to move beyond words and act. First, as a manifestation of your soul. And then as a quest to have the adventure of a lifetime, and to leave the world around you changed.


ShamaSoma, A New Vision For Whole Being Healing Never has the Earth needed us to step forward and make a difference more than in these times of epic change. Support people to be balanced, integrated and centered in compassion, fostering healthy relationships ~ relationships with each other, the Earth, and with themselves.

Informative Video on the Pineal Gland & Activating Your Third Eye -

Share the post "Informative Video on the Pineal Gland & Activating Your Third Eye" Enlighten Somebody... Share Tweet + It! Pin Love Digg :) Stumble! E-mail Informative video on the pineal gland and activating your Third Eye with Justin Verrengia. Justin breaks down how to activate your pineal gland, which awakens your third eye and [...]

Stressed? Anxious? Compare Do-It-URself Techniques & Find Abundance!

The Source of Stress is within YOU - not out in Life Your thoughts release Stress Hormones and you feel anxious Change Your Attitude & Relieve Stress Your Mind Clears New Techniques = Abundant Living Eliminate stress, feel relaxed and happy -- and Life blossoms." Following are facts about Stress Relief & Emotional Freedom using the new Energy Psychology techniques: Meridian Tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT, and PSTEC or the Percussive Suggestion Technology audio tape.

Self Hypnosis Motivation & Relaxation CD - Brain Evolution System

the Brain Evolution system offers six brain wave entrainment programs using multiple audio brainwave entrainment technologies in one mind enhancing brain management system. Our energetic mind enhancing audio programs use 3P DEAP technology to integrate binaural audio techniques, isochronic frequencies, and precisely engineered 3D digital audio effects designed to assist in relaxation, meditation, stress relief, self-help, concentration, learning and more.

The Happiness Project

BEFORE AND AFTER: More and more I found that I was using all my day time writing hours (which are never consistent) for the social side (but also important side) of blogging. The real writing was not coming along.

30 Mantras to Change Your Life

Adam Braun was on the fast track to what many people would consider extraordinary success - at 16 years old, he was already working summers at hedge funds, and stood a chance at becoming a millionaire in his 20's thanks to the Wall Street high life and a prestigious job at the world-renowned Bain & Company.

Personal Development: The Power To Succeed by Dr. Joe Rubino

Create a Structure For Personal Development: Evaluate Your Progress on a Regular Basis As human beings, we are in a constant state of flux - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Life presents us with a never ending opportunity to put ourselves into personal development.

Peter Koenig : Money seminars:

Hello there, As someone who's made this his central theme for almost 30 years I've compiled a selection of material here on money. What you'll read was a "temporary posting" in 2006 and though the financial landscape has been through enormous changes since then the content here is virtually unchanged.

Reinventing Money

Welcome to and the new world of exchange and finance. The mission of this site is to demystify money and liberate the process of exchange by making available important documents and resources from the past and present which can contribute to the advancement of economic democracy, self-determination, and global harmony.

Katie Teague's Videos

Vimeo is the home for high-quality videos and the people who love them.

Charles Eisenstein

Entire interview with Charles Eisenstein for the documentary Money & Life. Visit




Attention: this message is crucial to you if feel urgently drawn towards any of these statements: You are inspired by how millions of people worldwide are waking up and challenging 'old world' systems, from financial and political to medical and social.

Mary B Owens- MSW Blog on me and relationships

Mary B Owens MSW & Certified Law of Attraction Coach discusses the concept of "me and relationships" in regard to the Law of Attraction and business. Emotional guidance systems and moving through to a higher vibration

NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained

Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? That's right, I'm talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for what's known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA.