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Updated by Anastasia Smith on Apr 08, 2024
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Things Couples Should Never Do In Dubai - Blend like a pro!

Dubai, a city known for its stunning skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and vibrant culture, also has its own set of social norms and cultural values. While the city welcomes diverse lifestyles, visitors and residents should be aware of certain cultural sensitivities.


Never do: photograph people without permission

One of the most important rules in Dubai is to respect people's privacy and dignity. Photographing people without their permission is considered intrusive and disrespectful. This is especially true in culturally sensitive areas or at religious gatherings. Capturing the city's breathtaking landscapes and exploring its attractions are considered theĀ top things to do in Dubai. For those seeking both comfort and picturesque views, exploring accommodations in areas like Avani Palm View Dubai can provide a harmonious blend.


Never: Drink in public

Dubai follows Islamic law, which prohibits alcohol consumption in public places. Couples should understand that public intoxication and drinking in non-designated areas are strictly prohibited. To consume alcoholic beverages, it is best to do so in licenced establishments such as hotels, bars, or private clubs that are permitted to serve alcohol.


Never do: Hold hands

While the cultural landscape is changing, public displays of affection, such as holding hands, are still deemed inappropriate in some situations. Couples must be aware of their surroundings and, if in doubt, follow conservative practices, particularly in more traditional areas of the city.


Never Do: Live in the Same Home

In Dubai, cohabitation is only permitted for married couples. Unmarried couples who share a residence may face legal consequences. Couples must be aware of and respect the local laws and regulations that govern relationships, ensuring that they follow the legal framework to avoid legal complications.


Never: Kiss in public

Public displays of affection, such as kissing, may be perceived as offensive in some situations, just like holding hands. While attitudes are becoming more liberal, it is best to exercise caution and save intimate moments for more private settings.


Never do: Take a selfie

Taking selfies in public places, particularly those with sensitive security concerns, may be discouraged or even prohibited. Couples must be aware of their surroundings and follow any guidelines or regulations established by authorities to ensure the safety and security of all individuals.


Never Do: Eat In Public

During the holy month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public spaces during daylight hours is strictly forbidden. Even outside of Ramadan, it is important to be mindful of cultural sensitivities and avoid eating in public during fasting hours. Respecting local customs surrounding food and meal times is essential for a harmonious experience in Dubai.


Never Do: Swear

Using profanity or engaging in aggressive behaviour is not only frowned upon but can also lead to legal consequences. Dubai places a high value on maintaining a respectful and tolerant atmosphere, and individuals, including couples, are expected to adhere to these standards in both public and private settings.


Never do: Dance in public

Public dancing is generally discouraged in Dubai, particularly in non-designated areas. While some establishments allow dancing, couples should avoid spontaneous dance acts in public places to respect local cultural norms and avoid potential misunderstandings.


Never do: spread rumours

Maintaining a positive and respectful image is critical for Dubai's social fabric. Gossiping or spreading rumours about others can harm one's reputation and relationships. Couples should strive to create a culture of trust and understanding, avoiding any behaviour that could harm their or others'