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Updated by Steve Hartkopf on Jan 20, 2015
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Keys to Sharable Tweets and Posts

Here is a list of blog posts explaining how to write sharable headlines, posts and tweets to grow your network.
A Scientific Guide To Writing Popular--And Shareable--Headlines For Twitter, Facebook, And Your Blog

Leo Wodrich, one of Buffer's founders, explains how to create headlines and posts for social media and blogs that will get Followed, Tweeted and shared. The thing I like most about the article is it doesn't just say, "write great content" like so many (unhelpful) articles.

Are Simple Images The Best Social Media Content?
Article from Aaron Perlut in Forbes: "A few weeks ago in St. Louis, I was having lunch with two friends -- Gabe Lozano, the CEO of, and Sierra Cook, the brand manager for Anheuser-Busch's Bud Light Platinum. We were discussing the changing nature of social media, and in particular, what content drives more engagement today."
9 Real-Life Rules For Creating Shareable Content
If social media is a cocktail party, then all the great gossip, funny stories and interesting tidbits you hear at that party are the kinds of content we're all striving to create. People share information online for the same reasons they share in real life. The good news?
5 Tips for Creating Shareable Blog Content
Is your blog feeling a bit flat? Are you looking to attract more of the right kinds of people to your content? Shareable content on social media has different rules that blog posts.

If you struggle to attract a steady stream of quality readers to your blog, you're not alone. The good news is that your blog isn't a lost cause.
Search Engine Journal
Excellent article from SEJ: When President Obama won his second bid for election, he made history in more ways than one. Outside the political sphere, our newly reelected president made social media history. Shortly after his victory was announced President Obama posted a photo to his official Twitter and Facebook accounts.
How to Create "Shareable" Content on Social Media - Wealthy Web Writer
One of the biggest compliments you can get as a writer is to have someone willingly share your content - any of it and frequently. But in order for your reader to want to share what you've posted, it needs to be good ... And easy to share.