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Updated by Ileane Smith on Jan 12, 2015
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Tips and Tricks To Find The "Hidden" Publish Date of a Blog Post

Many times bloggers will hide the publish date of a blog post. You can find the date using these tips and tricks.
Disclaimer: the post used as an example here was picked at random. There is no right or wrong answer to whether you should publicly display the publish date of your own blog posts.

Contributions from members of my Facebook Group

Copy and Paste the URL into the Wayback Machine

To get an idea of the age of a post, add the URL at the end of this string [not an exact pub date but an indication that the post is older]*/

Check the upload date from an image

This strategy usually works but there is a chance the post image was changed at some point. When in doubt use WASP (see #2) if there are multiple post images.

FeedBurner RSS Feed

Check the RSS feed and the article might show up there. This is dependent upon how many items the blog allows in their feed.

Check the XML Sitemap

Simply add "sitemap" to the end of a blog's URL to see their sitemap. Then you can CTRL + F to locate the article and the publish date