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Headline for Motorcycle Accident, Injury and Safety Content From the Biker Law Firm
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Motorcycle Accident, Injury and Safety Content From the Biker Law Firm

I have compiled a list of content we previously drafted or have obtained from fellow leading attorneys on motorcycle injury law and safety. Keep in mind that not all motorcycle accident lawyers are the same. In fact, many firms or attorneys rely on gimmicky advertising including the individual lawyer being pictured on a motorcycle or showing up on biker events. We strongly recommend that you do not pick a motorcycle lawyer solely off an advertisement.

It is vital you research whether the law firm or lawyer has a reputation for aggressively litigating their claims and has the financial resources to properly advocate your claim by retaining the best experts. Further, you must research what former and current clients have stated about their experience with the attorney or law firm in regards to personal attention and whether their claim was successfully resolved. We built our firm off of word of mouth referrals from very satisfied current and former clients.


Been In a Motorcycle accident? Don't Be a Victim of Poor Insurance Coverage!

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is problematic enough. You don't want to be put in a situation where you're told you did not have the appropriate insurance coverage to cover the costs of repairing the damage to your motorcycle! What can be done to avoid this?

Suggested Etiquette For Group Motorcycle Riding Safety

To ensure that riding in a group is safe at all times, there are several bits of group etiquette that must be observed. From fighter planes to motorcycles, group riding is fun when everyone in the group follows rules. These practices are based on s [...]

Motorcycle Accident Prevention: Training Is Key

Just like any vehicle, driving a motorcycle requires skills and learned behaviors to be safe on the road. In the few moments before an accident happens the motorcycle rider must react quickly and effectively to avoid impact.

Tampa Bay Motorcycle Deaths Spike in 2013

Bicycles are currently the safer option for those addicted to the two-wheeled lifestyle. 2013 first-quarter statistics cited in the Tampa Bay Times show an upswing in the number of motorcycle accident-related fatalities as compared to the first quarter of 2012.

Eight Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Mishaps
  1. Keep a lid on it Wearing a helmet is the most effectively way to keep your brain comfortably inside your head during a motorcycle accident. While it is clear that avoiding accidents all together is the best way to avoid injuries while riding, a ma [...]
Cars Cause Most Accidents Between Motorcycles and Automobiles

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Clearwater, we see a number of collisions between bikes and cars. A recent study by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), found that a majority of car vs. motorcycle collisions were actually caused by the negligence of the car driver in contrast to popular opinion.

Tips for Choosing Proper Motorcycle Safety Gear

Gas prices are on the rise again, forcing many Florida residents to turn to a less expensive travel alternative- motorcycles and scooters. While bikes and scooters are generally less expensive than a brand new hybrid car, there are some additional costs associated with purchasing a new two-wheeler.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Motorcyclists across the United States are well aware of the laws against lane splitting and know that it is prohibited in every state, except California, which is also ranked among the worst states in the context of traffic and incidents on the roadway.


Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Whether you are driving a car, a truck, or a motorcycle, distracted, negligent, or irresponsible drivers can force you into a collision despite all the preventative measures possible. All drivers must do everything in their power to minimize the danger of an unavoidable crash and keep their injuries to a minimum.

The Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle injury lawyer, I am often asked to compare a typical motorcycle accident to a motor vehicle collision. While motorcycle accidents are not necessarily more frequent than any other type of accident, there is a greater likelihood that they will yield serious injury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen with unfortunate frequency in southern California especially in our urban areas like Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. There are many bikers that are injured or killed from either alcohol related accidents or mechanical failure but, many more that are seriously injured or die from driver error negligence.

Safety and Supervision at School: What to Know to Protect Your Child

Every day we see school buses stopping to pick up children at bus stops and drop them off on campuses. Oftentimes parents can be seen waiting at bus stops with their children, eager to ensure their kids make it safely onto the bus and on their way to school.

Which Driver is At Fault in an Obstructed View Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

You've seen the bumper stickers: "Watch for Motorcycles! They're everywhere! "or "Look Twice, Save a Life." It certainly seems true in Florida, especially at this time of year. More than 600,000 motorcycles are registered in the state, and great weather draws thousands more as motorcycle enthusiasts from around the nation flock to numerous motorcycle shows [...]

Always Wear Protective Motorcycle Gear - even During the Heat of Summer

Everybody knows how hot it gets during the Summer months in Florida. It is almost impossible to be comfortable outdoors in anything besides a t-shirt and shorts. However, if you plan on taking advantage of the weather and hitting the open road on your mot [...]

Mesquite Motorcycle, UTV, ATV, street, dirt bikes Dealer - Action Kawasaki Suzuki

Action Kawasaki Suzuki dealer in Mesquite, Texas offers brand new and pre-owned Kawasaki, Suzuki, Beta motorcycles, sport bikes, dirt bikes, UTVs and ATVs. Services, parts and financing available.

Motorcycle Accidents Result in Injury

Accidents involving motorcycles can be devastating and serious injuries often occur. When a motorcycle has an accident with another, larger vehicle, or veers off the road, the possibility of catastrophic injury or death is possible. Motorcycle injuries are generally more devastating than injuries associated with automobile collisions; they often result in spinal injuries, head trauma, [...]

Helmets Aren't Enough: The Prevalence of Spine Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

As injury law attorneys and avid boxing fans, my partners and I have been stunned by the latest news concerning a former world champion. Boxer Paul "The Punisher" Williams will likely be hanging up his gloves and turning the lights out early on what has been a very successful career this week.

Proper Gear and Training: Necessities for New Riders

A San Antonio, Texas motorcycle accident on Tuesday July 23, 2013, highlights several motorcycle safety issues that often result in pain and heartbreak for motorcyclists and their families. Just before 6:00 pm, twenty-five (25) year old Ruben Arizmendi pulled his newly-purchased Kawasaki motorcycle onto the I-10 access road that runs along next to the Alamo [...]

When Motorcycles Drive Between Cars

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida, I have grown accustomed to the act of "lane splitting." When a motorcycle operator drives between two lanes of stopped or slower moving cars in Florida, they are breaking the law. This behavior, known as "lane splitting," is not illegal in some states.

Perfect Storm for Catastrophe: Motorcycles and Distracted Driving

Wednesday August 15, 2012 Gilbert Williams, riding a motorcycle, attempted to pass a vehicle on the inside lane. While Williams attempted to pass the vehicle, a 2006 Volvo S60 pulled into traffic. Williams' motorcycle skidded to stop, but inevitably collided with the vehicle's front door. The collision threw Williams from his motorcycle.

Continued Debate Over the use of Safety Helmets

As a Tampa personal injury attorney, I have seen my fair share of head injuries suffered by motorcycle riders who refused to wear a safety helmet. Over the past few months the Dolman Law Group's blog has reiterated the importance of wearing helmets to prevent or at least mitigate traumatic brain injuries.

The Importance of Safety Helmets In Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 235,461 traffic incidents relating to an automobile accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident in Florida during the 2010 calendar year. 7,484 involved motorcyclists and 4,676 involved bicyclists. 350 motorcyclists tragically lost their lives and 6,686 were injured.[1] 4,600 bicyclists were injured and 76 died as [...]

Motorcycle Accidents

Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Lawyers At Dolman Law Group, we are Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyers that are exceptionally well versed in Florida personal injury laws. If you have been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, specifically a collision that caused substantial damage, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of your attorney's qualifications [...]

Motorcycle Accidents

Factors Relating To Motorcycle Accidents There are numerous factors that contribute to a motorcycle accident. Driver negligence has become a serious reoccurring theme, especially in Florida. Unfortunately, automobile drivers fail to operate their vehicle with the safety of motorcyclists in mind.

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