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Societal Musings and Stuff

I think here I will add info I find interesting that's happening in the world. It could be places, people, technology and so much more....

Me So Techy!

Me So Techy!

Introducing the new IPad Air:

Introducing the new IPad Air:
Me So Techy!
Me So Techy! Introducing the New IPad Air! by Beaufly ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apple is releasing a new I-Pad and I-Pad Mini today. To date Apple has sold 170 million I-Pads and has dominated the tablet market, boasting 80% of the market share. That's amazing!
Why Wendy Cried - News - Bubblews

A few days ago, talk show host Wendy Williams was trending because she broke down crying on her show because her teenage son is getting to an age where he prefers his dad and his not paying much attention to her.

Do Women Need Uncle Sugar? - News - Bubblews

Does Uncle Sugar need to come in and provide women with birth control? That is the question that Mike Huckabee has posed to all women of the USA. He insinuated that women have been made to believe that they are incapable of controlling their own labidos and need Uncle Sugar (i.e .Uncle Sam or the US government) for their decisions for birth control.

Did He Get Robbed?

Although I am not a big fan of the Grammy Awards, I did get to see some interesting moments that I gleaned when clicking around the tube last night. My 2 cents: Jay Z and Beyonce were a crowd pleaser although I think that I would love to see some younger performers be different and give us something beyond gyrating and grinding.

Walked 45 Miles to Have a Baby

A family was spotted in India walking to a hospital in bitter cold weather conditions to the nearest hospital, which was 45 miles away. The family was trekking from the remote Indian area of Linghshed to the regional capital of Leh.

Affluenza - What the........

Affluenza - What the ...... by Beaufly ====================================================== Affluenza is a book that was written by John de Graf and David Wann and it is a term used by critics of extreme materialism and consumerism. These authors describe it as "a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more."

My Brothers' Keeper: Addiction Affects Us All

My Brothers' Keeper: Addiction Affects Us All by Beaufly **************************************** +Addiction affects us all. There is no color, no race, no class, no educational status, no indicator of anything, that can deter its effects or abuse! The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman shined a light on an ever-growing epidemic that is surprisingly growing in America.

Shirley Temple: An Iconic Symbol of Hope - News - Bubblews

Shirley Temple:
A true American Icon and Legend has Passed.
America's first child star!

What are you Buying and What are you Selling?

What are you Buying and What are you Selling? A Play on Words by Beaufly ======================== We are all buying and selling in some sense. Are you giving or providing information? Are you giving advice? Are you pushing hope? Are you attempting to help, offer pathways to freedom?

Lessons Learned from Little Miss Sunshine

Lessons Learned from Little Miss Sunshine by Beaufly >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> Little Miss Sunshine is an interesting and funny movie that shows how a very dysfunctional family can come together and rally around one goal or one hope, which happens to surround the youngest daughter winning the "Little Miss Sunshine" Pageant.

You are your Greatest Adventure

You are your Greatest Adventure by Beaufly >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> You are the greatest undiscovered adventure of your lifetime. Bryant McGill This quote really touched my soul when I first read it yesterday. Why? I wish we could be told this, offered this over and over again as we grow up.

Miley Cyrus Kisses Katy Perry

Miley Kisses Katy Perry by Beaufly I am not sure what to say about this "obvious" recent stunt by Miley Cyrus. I think she is sooooo into shock value and the "riskier the better" type of behavior. First, it was+Madonna kissing +BrittanySpears and now Miley kissing +Katy-Perry on her Bangerz tour.

Snapped: It Could Have Been Me

Snapped: It Could Have Been Me by Beaufly I always say that you never know what could set a person off. Well, I have a personal instance of this idea to share as well. Long ago when I was separating from my husband, he began to act very angry and scary.

Shake It Up Update

Today, I wrote an entertainment "trending" piece about Miley Cyrus and interestingly had some good dialogue going on in the comment section with &gpeter15 about the +Self-esteem of Miley and +Katyperry We were thinking about whether these young women are truly valuing themselves which makes me think about all kinds of ideas for pop culture posts and how far people have to go to "succeed." More about +Miley and Katy can be found here:

Piers Morgan Show Ending After 3 years

Piers Morgan Show Ending by Beaufly After 3 years and a plummeting downward spiral of ratings, Piers Morgan's show on CNN is ending. I can't really say that I am surprised that the program is being cancelled. I was pretty indifferent about him as I am about most of the other night time talk show hosts.

Mega Millions - News - Bubblews

You can't win if you don't play!

Addicted: Jessica Alba - News - Bubblews

Jessica Alba: Like you've never seen her before!

Mega Millions - News - Bubblews

Speak Freely. Write Your World.

3 Essentials for your Personal Website or Blog - News - Bubblews

Your +Website or +Blog should reflect you and when you work on creating it, putting your heart and soul into it… one can take it away from you.

#1: Your interests and concerns should be apparent. No need to be vague. You can express yourself in ANY way you see fit.

Love is Not Suppose to Hurt

Love is not Suppose to Hurt by Beaufly When people tell you who they are, believe them. I think I just butchered Maya Angelou's quote but it is so true. Sometimes, we want to believe that people will change. Sometimes they do but there's no need to allow yourself to be used, hurt or abused in the process.

Your Time and Energy is Valuable, Don't Squander it!

Your Time and Energy is Valuable, Don't Squander it! by Beaufly Because your time and energy is so valuable we must work to preserve it and spend it in places that make the most sense and does us the most good.

Never Again - News - Bubblews

Never again will I be plagued by you....

Never Again - News - Bubblews

Never again will I be duped by you!