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Updated by Sagar Desai on Feb 03, 2015
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Free and Easiest Way To Get PR9 Backlinks
All of us know that to rank high in Google Search, we need to have backlinks from reputed websites which are having a high Google PageRank. No matters if DoFollow or NoFollow, backlinks from high PageRanks are really essential for your site's reputation and important in front of Google.
How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

In my last post, I have talked about how to submit blogger blog in Google by using Google Webmaster Tools. This was the first step toward optimizing your blog for search engine. If you miss out then check it before moving further. Today I am going to share how to submit blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

How to sign up for Bluehost - Step-by-step
There are thousands of web hosts out there for WordPress hosting, so choosing right one is very difficult to you. WordPress has listed Bluehost, Dreamhost and Laughing Squid as the best web hosts which provides rich hosting environment. Bluehost is one of my favorite in the list because of its consistency in quality of hosting.
How to Install WordPress on Bluehost WebHosting

If you know to install any media player software on your computer, then definitely you will be able to install WordPress on Bluehost. Yeah, it is that much easy. Basically Bluehost offer 1-click WordPress installation with Money back guaranty. This post is complete guide for beginners willing to install WordPress on Bluehost.

7 Essential Settings after installing WordPress
As far as blogging concern, WordPress is awesome platform for blogging. In last post I have explained How to install WordPress on Bluehost. What next? There are many things to do after installing WordPress and many more you will learn with the time.
Gravatar: How to add image to your WordPress Comment Profile
Mostly new WordPress users surprise to see the grey icon or Gravatar logo (as shown in below picture) that shows up next to their name. Well this grey icon is known as 'mystery man' and other one is default Gravatar logo.
How to install WordPress Plugin
Installing WordPress plugins is one of essential thing that every self hosted WordPress blogger should know. In last article we have discussed about 7 most essential settings after installing WordPress. This is next step where we will show you three different methods you can use to install WordPress plugin in WordPress.
Basic but Essential Plugins for every WordPress blog
In last two post, I have shared 7 Essential Settings after installing WordPress and How to install WordPress Plugin. Now it is time to install essential plugins for your blog. After testing so many plugins, I have listed these 6 free but most essential plugins and suggest you start using it from day one.
How to Setup Feedburner For WordPress
In this post, I will explain you how to setup Feedburner for your WordPress Blog. One of major necessity for your blog is, the readers to read your blog posts. But how to intimate them that you have publish a new post on your blog.
How to find out what WordPress theme someone is using
WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool. Nevertheless it is most powerful and best content management system in the World. As of date, WordPress powering over 60 million websites worldwide. So give a great look to your Blog, almost thousands of WordPress themes are available, some are free and some premium templates.
How to drive huge traffic with Yahoo Answers
When you think of social media and social networking to publicize your site or business, you think of Facebook, Tweeter, Google+ etc. Do you think answering few questions on Yahoo Answers could drive the traffic to your site? If you have ever done a google search for any question, many times you may have seen a result linking to Yahoo Answers page.
How to Embed Facebook posts on your site
A few weeks ago, Facebook has started testing a cool new feature to embed Facebook posts. But finally last week, Facebook announced that all users are able to embed Facebook posts to Website or Blog. It is also able to play Facebook videos within the Embedded Post, which is really amazing.
How to generate Privacy Policy for your Wordpress Blog
Before we proceed to know how to generate Privacy Policy for your WordPress Blog, we will take a look at what is privacy policy and its importance. A privacy policy is one of the most important documents should have on your website homepage.
How to generate Terms of Service for your WordPress Blog
Before we go ahead to know how to generate Terms of Service for your WordPress Blog, we will take a look at what is Terms of Service and its importance. Terms of Service (commonly abbreviated as ToS or TOS) is also known as Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions or Terms and Conditions of Service.
5 Essential Blog pages for your Blog
Its bit natural, everyone want to build an awesome blog. So obviously you have spent or still spending time to choose the right theme for your blog. You start filling your blog with content, new widgets, plugins etc. But what about blog pages.
How to Change Default Text Selection Color in WordPress
Most of the visitors cannot stay longer on a website which don't have better look and feel. So don't overlook the website's design which gives look and feel to your site. Design details like text selection color sometimes matter a lot. Many modern WordPress Themes comes with their own text selection color which is suitable for their color theme.
How to Generate Auto Tags for Wordpress Posts
A tag is a keyword that author assign to his post to describe or identify the content like subject of post, type of post, people involved etc. This helps readers searching for a particular type post using same tags. This is the point to debate whether tags are recognized by search engines or not.
WordPress Ping List for Better WordPress SEO
As you're aware, the major source of blog traffic is search engines. So every blogger or website owner wants his blog posts would get indexed faster on all major search engines. I will show you further how to index your blog post faster on Google.
How To Change Your Default WordPress Login URL
Default WordPress login URL is Or you can access, which will redirect you to You may think "What's new in that? We know". Yes you know, as well as all hackers also know it. It's quite easy to tell if any given website is a WordPress website.
How to Auto Tweet Blog Posts on Twitter by Using Feedburner
Social Networking sites are the huge source of blog traffic. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular social websites which provides you a large number of visitors. So you must have to share each blog post on Twitter and Facebook. But manual login to both sites and sharing each & every post is boring as well as time-consuming job.
List of Top Must Have Free WordPress Plugins
Like me, many of us are not the core developers to add codes in WordPress to get more features. Moreover frequent changes in codes are not feasible. In this stage, WordPress plugins make your life simpler as these are easier to implement than codes.
Google Webmaster Tools Verification Tips For Blogger
This post is for beginner which has just started their journey with (Blogspot) platform. Google webmaster tools verification is the first step of optimizing your blog for search engine. Traffic to any blog tell us the success story of that blog. So naturally every blogger is trying hard to get more & more traffic on his blog.
Blogging Statistics which will blow your mind
Is Blogging dead? No, not at all. It is just started get interesting more and more. Microblogging like Facebook, Twitter, etc. can not replace traditional blogging, although it actually used to broadcast the blog content to a broader base of readers.
Bluehost Review
There are thousands of Web hosting companies out there, but sadly only few of them are able to survive last long. Bluehost is one of them which is provide excellent hosting service since 17 years and made big space for them in the market. 17 years is remarkable time span for any Web hosting company.
How to fix double title in Google Feedburner
Google Feedburner is one of the most popular RSS feed generator service. Your blog should definitely use FeedBurner to burn your RSS feeds because it is totally free and feature packed service that you can not ignore. But sometimes Feedburner behave abnormally while setting up new RSS feed.