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Updated by Joe Youngblood on Feb 21, 2024
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Best AI Chat Websites and Apps

The best AI chat websites on the web and the best AI chat mobile apps for your smartphone.


ChatGPT is a free-to-use AI system. Use it for engaging conversations, gain insights, automate tasks, and witness the future of AI, all in one place. The current dominant AI-powered chat system. Upgrade your account for a flat-rate monthly fee and create your own trained models which you and other users can invite into a chat session.


MindRoomAI is a futuristic platform that allows you to create your own AI duplicate from data you enter. Train your AI version of you by entering blog post links, answering questionnaires, or uploading data exported from your social media platform. Sign up for a free account to chat with bots including realistic representations of Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony. Upgrade your account to a creator-level and sell access to chat with your bot or pay a small monthly fee to offer it to your fans for free.

Perplexity AI

An AI-powered, chat-styled, answer engine. Perplexity includes features like "Focus" which allows you to tell the AI to focus on a certain angle for the topic or question.

Bing AI Chat / CoPilot

Introducing the new AI-powered Bing with ChatGPT’s GPT-4. Search the way you talk, text and think. Get complete answers to complex searches, chat and create images. Bing Chat is now being called "Copilot" by Microsoft. Chat

Previously an upstart privacy focused search engine and now apparently only an AI chat system, was the first to integrate search results data and an AI-powered chat function.

Google ‎Gemini

Get help with writing, planning, learning, and more from Google's AI. Previously known as "Bard" also sometimes called "Search Generative Experience" though the later may more mean the integration of Gemini into Google's search results. This platform works like most of the others but was late to the party even though Google largely created the base technologies the others use but open sourced years back, and is still catching up, though given the predictions around LLM-AI powered chat appears to be a major effort on Google's part.

Grok by X

The AI Chat created by X (formerly Twitter). Most likely based on earlier versions of ChatGPT and Elon Musk's early contributions to OpenAI. Grok appears to remove the "church lady" gatekeeper on prompts and instead has a comedian gatekeeper that is open to telling funny jokes no matter if they are insulting or a bit adult in nature.